6 Tips for Getting Great Photos of Your Pet

6 Tips for Getting Great Photos of Your Pet

It can be tough to get a frame-worthy photo of a subject who doesnโ€™t understand the concept of photography. Here are a few tips for getting some shots of your pet that you can proudly show off, both in your home and on your

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1. Bribe your subject to sit still.

Don't have a willing subject? There's nothing like a little bribery to grease the wheels. Come armed with your petโ€™s favorite treats to get that โ€œat attentionโ€ look from your pet.

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2. Select a favorite toy.

Whether you want an action shot, a still life, or you donโ€™t care which โ€“ you just want a good picture! โ€“ then bringing a favorite toy along for your photo shoot is bound to get some good shots of your pet cuddling with or gnawing on their lovey.

3. Aim for the golden hour.

You will get the best photos if you shoot outside in natural lighting either early morning soon after sunrise or late evening around sunset. This is known as the golden hour amongst photographers because the photos look โ€“ you guessed it โ€“ golden. If youโ€™re shooting an indoor pet, then hopefully you have a room in your house thatโ€™s flooded with either early morning or late evening light.RELATED ARTICLE:ย Make Your Cat the Envy of the Neighborhood

4. Get eye-to-eye with your subject.

Get down on your belly or knees to take some photos right at your pet's level. We all know how odd those photos look when someone takes a photo while standing above their pet. You will get a much more interesting and engaging shot if you can see your pet head on.

5. Invite a playmate.

If you want some great action shots, then invite a friend to toss balls to your dog or to wave a bird on a stick for your cat. While itโ€™s tempting to man both the toy and the camera, you are far more likely to get a brag-worthy photo if you enlist a buddy to play with your pet while you shoot. Or better yet, get your friend to take some action shots of you and your pet while you play together.RELATED ARTICLE:ย Fun Times Ahead for You and Your Best Friend

6. If all else fails...wait for naptime!

Who doesnโ€™t love seeing a pet all curled up for sleepy time? You certainly wonโ€™t have to worry about framing your subject or dealing with blurred action shots when youโ€™ve got a sleeping petย on your hands.Do you have a favorite photo of your pet? Let us know in the comments, and consider signing up forย PetPlus, a benefit program for pet owners that provides member-only access to medications at wholesale prices, plus discounts on food, supplies, vet visits, boarding, and more.
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