5 Wild Animals You Want to Take Home (And 4 Good Reasons You Shouldnโ€™t)


There are plenty of wild animals that are just as cute (if not cuter) than the kittens and puppies we hold in such high esteem. The forests, deserts, oceans, and jungles of the earth are simply littered with adorable critters.

However, thanks to a distinct lack of human contact, these animals are still wild as the day. And by that I mean they are prone to either being terrified of people, and running away from us, or NOT being terrified of people and running TOWARDS us (because they skipped breakfast).

However, thanks to the internet and the amazing breakthroughs in telescopic camera lenses, you can safely enjoy every last ounce of their untamed cuteness from the safety of your living room.

1. Olinguito
Photo from Talking Points Memo

Why You Want One

Discovered August 15th 2013, this tree-climbing cutie is the most recent addition to the mammal family. Since their discovery is so recent, not a lot is known about them, except for the fact that they eat mostly fruits and insects, and look like a teddy bear and a kitty had a baby. Who wouldnโ€™t want to split a fig with this fuzz bucket?

Why You Shouldnโ€™t

See those claws? While they are used primarily for climbing trees and tearing into fruits, I am sure that if you got too close, they would quickly be re-purposed for something much more sinister andโ€ฆ scratchy.

2. Red Panda


Why You Want One

Are you telling me pandas come in a small?! Thatโ€™s right, folks. One part panda, one part raccoon, and two parts uncut cute-juice, the Red Panda just might be adorable enough to one day rule us all.

And we would let them! Just look at that face. Would you mind letting them rule over us? With those fluffy, iron fists?

Why You Shouldnโ€™t

Adorable or not, the Red Panda is a wild animal that is both is frightened and threatened by any human presence.

Do you want scare them? Are you a monster? (Although the result is undoubtedly adorable.)

3. Sea Otter


Why You Want One

Look! Its a swimming teddy bear! This bundle of cute-sticks is not only one of the most adorable things in the sea, but they are also incredibly smart. They use tools like rocks to crack open shellfish. They use utensils. Do you know what that means? They are mere steps away from learning how to use a fork and knife. We could sit them down at the table for dinner and eat with them like people! I think a part of my brain just turned into glitter thinking about it.

Why You Shouldnโ€™t

Being a sea otter, they have a few specific living requirements, the most noteworthy being a sea. Do you have a sea? I didnโ€™t think so.

Also, they are endangered, so hands off.

4. Caracal


Why You Want One

House cats are cool and all, but they are just so tiny! Can we find something a little bigger? Not panther big, but like the size of a dog.

How about a Caracal? (They even bark like a dog.)

And look at those ears. Those dignified tufts. So regal! One of these by your side, and you would be the toast of every gala and soiree in town.

Why You Shouldnโ€™t

Like this even needs to be stated -- would a cat the size of a Border Collie be a good idea? Absolutely not. Rub their belly when they arenโ€™t expecting it and you could lose an arm.

Also, how big would that litter box have to be? You'd have to clean that thing out with a spade.

5. Fennec Fox


Why You Want One

Canโ€™t decide between a cat or a dog? Now you donโ€™t have to! These little desert hunters are almost too cute for words. Do you see that face? And those ears?! They can still hear a pin that dropped ten years ago! Put them up on your roof and you can get Direct TV for free! (They have big, adorable ears.)

Why You Shouldnโ€™t

No reason not to, actually! Go out and get one! They make fine house pets.

They donโ€™t do great in colder climates, and they arenโ€™t considered โ€œdomesticated,โ€ but they are perfectly legal to keep as a pet. Hooray!

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