5 Ways To Prevent Your Dog From Getting Obese

5 Ways To Prevent Your Dog From Getting Obese

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One of the worst problems of our generation is the rising number of obesity cases. Be it lifestyle or any ailment, obesity has become a serious threat to our health. Like us, animals like dogs suffer from some common ailments and one of them is obesity. In pictures and videos, they may look cute, but in real life they are suffering from a disease that must be treated. If you feel that your dog is getting obese, then are 5 ways to prevent it from happening:

  1. Check weightEvery week or twice a month, check your dogโ€™s weight. Having the ideal weight is a sign that your dog is in perfect shape. If you can feel the ribs, then it means your dog is too skinny. If the flap of flesh feels too much in the hand, it means your dog is getting fat. A weight check-up can be done at the vet or at home.
  2. ExerciseThe best way to stay fit and avoid obesity is through exercise. Make your dog rum around at least once every day. Sitting around and doing nothing increases the chances of obesity.
  3. DietIf you give your dog food that has been recommended by a vet, then there no need to change it. However, if you are providing home-cooked or any other food purchased from the market, then you should make a list of the number of calories and the type of nutrients that your dog is eating.
  4. WaterWater works like magic when it comes to weight loss and shedding extra fat. Many doctors prescribe water as the ideal medicine for losing weight. If you feel that your dog is getting obese, take him for a walk after he has gulped down enough water. You will see the result in a week or two.
  5. Regular check upsA living thing is prone to disease and ailments. Your dogโ€™s obesity may not always be due to laziness. It may also arise from illness. Dogs who suffer from ailments often lose interest in exercise and physical activity. As a result, they become fat. If you see signs of sickness in your dog, take him to a vet. Also, keep visiting the vet for regular checkups.

Obesity is a big problem and even dogs can escape the disease. Obesity in dogs can be avoided by following the 5 tips given above.

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