5 Ways To Include Your Dog In Sunday Football Fun



Are you ready for some football?!It's that time of the year, and everybody is catching football fever. The long Sunday afternoons sitting around the TV, eating wings, drinking beers, and shouting at the refs like they can actually hear you.But what about your pooch?Before you fill your living room with the smell of fried foods and the sounds of a disgruntled fan, make sure you find a way to incorporate some dog friendly activities into your Sunday routine. Here are some tips for a dog friendly Sunday.

1. Gettin' Comfy


Sunday football revolves around the sofa. It is a day given over to the glory of the recliner. So are you going to make Fido watch the game on the cold, hard floor?

Whether you move the doggie bed into the living room or rope them off a section of the couch, help get your dog into the spirit of the season by marking this special occasion with a cushioned seat. Everybody watching the game deserves someplace plushy to rest their rump.

2. Got Any Snacks?


Nachos, hot wings, pretzels, sub sandwiches -- Sunday football is a day for snacks, and who appreciates a snack more than your dog? Now, I am not saying to let your pooch scarf down a bucket of wings (seriously -- no wings for the dog), but you should probably have some puppy snacks on hand to help keep them from lusting after your chips.

While you could just opt for a bag of dog treats, if you have the time you can go all out and make your dog some homemade football themed biscuits. All you need is some doggie biscuit mix and a cookie cutter shaped like a football (or a helmet) and you are on your way to some fantastic football doggy treats.

Just make sure your friends don't eat them.

3. Where's Your Team Spirit?


Your dog loves you, so by proxy, they love your football team. Let them show off their allegiance by sporting your team colors. There are plenty of options at your disposal, and they donโ€™t have to involve getting your pooch a full on team jersey (although they are pretty awesome).

You can dress them up in a simple cloth shirt of the appropriate color, or just tie a colored bandana around their neck. Whatever you do, make sure everyone knows who they're rooting for.

4. Have a Halftime Toss


What better way to bypass the boredom of halftime than with a little backyard toss? Grab a toy football (or a real one if you donโ€™t mind it getting slobbery), and pretend to be your favorite quarterback, with your dog as their trusty wide receiver (or tight end, it doesnโ€™t matter).

And now it's time to make some big plays. Go long!

5. Donโ€™t Forget the Brews!


Whatโ€™s a Sunday of football watching without a couple cold ones? Are you going to have your pooch miss out on this most essential of football traditions? Now, donโ€™t just grab a lager out of the fridge and pour it into their bowl.

Dogs canโ€™t have alcohol. EVER.However, Bowser Beer

has got you covered. Pour your pooch one of these malt-based, chicken-flavored, non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beers and suddenly your dog is just one of the guys. Or you can get them one of these awesome

beer-shaped chew toys

.Go team! Woof!

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