5 Tips to Prevent Cancer in your Cat


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When it comes to Cancer, merely the name of the disease is enough to scare you out of your wits. And God Forbid if your little feline friend gets diagnosed with the deadly disease, the anguish and the sheer hopelessness of it will be unfathomable. While you cannot really avert the inevitable, there are a few preventive measures that you as a cat owner can take in order to effectively reduce the risk of cancer in your four legged pal. Have a look!

Vaccinate your kitty

Caused by a deadly virus called the FeLV or feline leukemia virus, the Lymphoma is one of the most common types of cancer that cats are susceptible to contracting. You can considerably reduce the risk of both Lymphoma as well as other types of cancers associated with the virus by vaccinating your cat against it. Also since the FeLV virus is typically spread through bodily fluids, it might help to keep your furry little friend indoors and away from other infected animals.

Steer clear of obvious carcinogens

One of the best ways to prevent cancer in your cat is to proactively reduce their exposure to carcinogens that are commonly present in your home. For instance, you might want to protect your feline friend against second-hand smoke from cigarettes. Also, since cats have the habit of licking floors and furniture objects, you must ensure that you employ the use of carcinogen-free cleaners and disinfectants. Keep your cat indoors for a few days after you spray your garden plants with pesticides.

Eliminate the use of plastic feeding bowls

With the furor regarding the use of plastic and the need for eliminating it completely from our lifestyles, we are already well aware of the harmful toxicity of the material and its negative impacts on all plant and animal life. Plastic has the tendency to leach into water and fluidic food and turns into an estrogen mimetic that can eventually wreak havoc on your catโ€™s hormonal balance. In addition to this, estrogen is also known to feed fungal infections that in turn can be a precursor to malignancy.

Feed him chlorophyll

This naturally occurring compound not only detoxifies and cleanses your catโ€™s body but also builds immunity and promotes oxygen utilization by the various systems in their body. Also, Chlorophyll diminishes the ability of the carcinogens to bind to the catโ€™s DNA present in its liver and other internal organs and reduces the risk of cancer. You can feed your cat kitty greens that are rich in chlorophyll and can be easily grown in your backyard or kitchen garden.

Ensure regular medical examinations

It is absolutely essential for you to keep an eye on your catโ€™s behavior and feeding patterns and immediately consult a vet in case you sense any irregularities. Apart from this, regular checkups will not only help keep your cat in good shape but also weed out the possibilities of any pre cancerous lesions or health conditions that might eventually lead to a full-fledged cancer affliction.Remember, prevention is better than cure and a little caution on your part will go a long way in ensuring that your little fur ball stays hale and hearty for years.

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