5 Things to Know About Cats (A Dog Person's Perspective)


Suzya (left) and Pumba (right)

My whole life I have only ever really had dogs. I used to have a cat, but even he behaved more like a dog (came when I called, ran up to greet guests, etc). Now I live with not one, but two cats (Suzya and Pumba). And they are straight-up cats. Since these feline additions to my life are so unlike any pet I have ever owned, and since the whole experience is, lets say, "eye opening," I thought I would give a head's up to any dog lovers like myself. Here is what you can expect when living with cats.

1. Nobody owns a cat

O hai, r u trying 2 water deez? Cuz nope.

You might get the impression that, since you put out food and water twice a day, and clean out their litter box, that you own these cats. You would be wrong. These cats are beholden to no man. Get your own slippers.

2. They are EVERYWHERE!

No brush teefz! Iz need breakfast!

I am aware that dogs can be underfoot, but cats are on a whole โ€˜nother level. Counter tops? No problem. Cabinets? Yeah, Iโ€™ll climb those. There is literally no place in my apartment that is safe. It is like living with a furry Cirque du Soleil. I am in a loft bed, and because of my girlfriendโ€™s allergies, we tried moving the ladder away from the bed to prevent the cats from getting up there. Nothing doing. Six foot vertical ascent with no footholds? Bring it!

3. Everything in the house is their bed

Ur clothez iz mai mattwess now lol

Ever think of a laptop as a comfy place to take a nap? Cats do -- and won't hesitate to act on it. Any drawer left open, any clothes left out, any couch, chair, table, counter top; they are all beds now. Oh, and your bed? Yeah, that's their bed, too.

4. They just donโ€™t care

Y u lookin @ me? Did no 1 tell u I haz clawz 4 handz?

Try calling your catโ€™s name. Their ears will turn around. They hear you. They know their name. They know what you want. They just donโ€™t care! Theyโ€™ll come over to get pet or sit on your lap, but only when they are good and ready. They don't take directions. You work for them now.

5. They ROCK!


Despite what all this may sound like to some, cats are awesome! They are less of a pet and more like a roommate, but a roommate you can physically move to another room if they won't be quiet. And in the odd times when they do come to you, or listen to you, you feel like the Beastmaster!

Itโ€™s strange โ€“ they can be all over everything, climbing up on your lap at the least opportune times, but for some reason, you love it!

In Conclusion

From one dog lover to another โ€“ give a cat a chance. They are way cooler than youโ€™d think.

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