5 Signs that You Need to Give More Attention to Your Cat

5 Signs that You Need to Give More Attention to Your Cat

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Although cats exhibit attention-seeking behavior from time to time, it's most common in cats that are left alone for a long time and those that donโ€™t find their home environment stimulating. Cats pull a lot of shenanigans to gain our attention, often perceived as naughty behavior. However, you should know that cats are only doing this not out of spite but to communicate with us. If you notice the following five signs, you need to give more attention to your cat.

  1. Excessive meowingDid you know that felines only meow because they want to communicate with humans? Although it may be hard to believe, if you observe felines (especially ferals) that donโ€™t know or love humans, they will never meow. All the cats stop meowing after they become independent. When your feline meows, it is totally healthy and normal behavior, unless it is excessive. If your feline desperately seeks your attention, it will obsessively meow till you are looking at it. Also, if your feline meows early in the morning or late at night, you have to give it more attention.
  2. Paws your leg or armOne of the most obvious signs that you need to give your feline more attention is pawing. When felines paw their ownerโ€™s legs or arm, they are trying to tell the owner to look at them. However, the majority of the feline owners assume pawing is playful behavior and ignore them. When your feline paws your leg or arm, you need to give it more attention.
  3. Knocks stuff downAs felines are extremely curious animals by nature, it is quite common for them to find out how things work. As a result of this kind of experimentation, they will poke and prod all the things in your house, which can lead to items falling off the table or the cupboard. However, if you are nearby and your feline starts knocking things down, it is trying to get your attention.
  4. Undesirable scratchingScratching is a healthy and natural behavior in felines. It helps them release any bottled up energy, stretch and discard dead layers from their claws. Also, cats release pheromones from the glands in their feet, which they use to mark their territory. However, if your feline starts to destroy your furniture even though it has a scratching post, it is trying to get more attention from you.
  5. Jumps into off-limit areasHas your feline started jumping in areas that are off-limits? For example, did your feline jump on to the dining table while you were having a meal Does your feline get on the kitchen counter when you are cooking food? If you feline is jumping onto places that are off-limits, it is a sign that you have to give it more attention.

If your cat starts exhibiting these five signs, you need to give more attention to it. If you have any queries, please leave a comment below. 

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