5 Secrets To Treat Your Petโ€™s Diarrhea (NUMBER 2 Is Simply Brilliant!)


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In pets, diarrhea is a common ailment that can be prevented in a number of different ways. But it should not be taken lightly because it can become life-threatening if it is not treated properly. Often, diarrhea is a symptom of other underlying diseases. It can happen due to food poisoning, allergy or from other parasites and viruses. It can also happen due to pet medications.Here are 5 ways in which you can treat your petโ€™s diarrhea. There are two preventive measures included which will protect your pet from other diseases as well. The second one is a proven method and works best amongst the rest.

  1. Intestinal protectantsIntestinal protectants should be bought only after consulting a vet. The intestinal protectants are nothing but a collection of good bacteria that helps the gut flora improve themselves. They are also called probiotics and should be given as part of a proper diet.
  2. Plain foodIf your pet shows any of the symptoms of diarrhea, exchange the regular pet food with something bland. It can include white rice, boiled egg, cottage cheese, baked potato and boiled chicken. Give you pet small meals and check the condition of the stool. It should become better in a few days.
  3. FastingFasting is a great way to ensure that whatever is causing the diarrhea does not get nutrients to fed on. This will make your pet weaker. So, ensure that you are giving your pet plenty of water to replenish the body strength.
  4. Stop giving treatsEvery owner likes treating their pet every now and then to praise their good behavior. However, treats could be one of the reason why your pet develops diarrhea. Often, your petโ€™s tummy wonโ€™t agree with the food product which you use as part of the treat. For a period of time, stop giving treats completely.
  5. Keep out the garbage!Pets are inquisitive and will have a tendency to look for things that are kept hidden. One of them is your garbage and sooner or later your pet is going to poke its nose around it. Sometimes, your pet might ingest something which can make them ill. Make sure that the garbage is not within their reach. Use a bin with a lid. They work quite well.

Diarrhea is a common pet illness but it should be treated as soon as possible because later on it can become serious. Diet is an important part in treating diarrhea and giving bland food helps a lot. Probiotics are also good but should only be administered after due consultation with the vet. Preventing them from having unnecessary food and keeping them away from the garbage are good preventive measures.

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