5 Dopey Dogs Who Just Canโ€™t Get It Right

5 Dopey Dogs Who Just Canโ€™t Get It Right

Dogs are incredibly clever creatures that can learn complex operations. Many can be trained to assist the handicapped, detect hazardous materials, or keep trespassers at bay. Dogs can be taught any of a number of tricks, from sit and stay to crazy complicated tricks

like any of these dogs

.That said, sometimes dogs just donโ€™t get it. Whether it is trying to understand a foreign object, or they just canโ€™t seem to figure out why they donโ€™t fit through the pickets of a fence, there are a lot of instances of dogs having a hard time with seemingly simple activities.These five dogs are for sure having a rough go of it. At least theyโ€™re funny.

5. Bulldog Puppy Canโ€™t Right Himself

4. Boxer Canโ€™t Figure out Board

3. Dog Canโ€™t Get Stick Into House

2. Dog Escape Failure

1. Dog Gets Treat Stuck To Butt

Need a win after all that canine defeat? This lucky dog just hit the jackpot!

Bonus: Epic Dog Win

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