5 Dog Breeds that get Along with Puppies Easily

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You may think that having two canines in your household will be okay, as they are the same species. However, when it comes to having an adult dog and a puppy, it is a different story. The younger canine has endless amounts of energy and doesn’t know how to communicate properly with its species.

On the other hand, the older dog has a set routine and knows how to behave in your household. Due to the major differences, in maturity and energy levels, there is a chance they may not get along.

However, you can get one of these five dog breeds, which can form a bond with puppies easily:

Basset Hound

First one on the list is the basset hound, recognizable by their large ears. These canines will never find it difficult to get along with your puppy. The reason is that they tend to be patient and relaxed at all times.

If you think about it, when you have a Basset Hound at home, it can teach the puppy about the rules of the household. Due to its excellent temperament, it won’t have any problem chilling with the young ones.


While these animals are known for their intelligence, they are excellent pack animals. They love being with other canines and create deep bonds easily. Due to their friendly and gentle nature, it is easy to take care of them.

When you bring a puppy to your household, you won’t have to worry, as Beagles will make it a part of their pack. They are very similar to the young canines, as they love exploring.

Cocker Spaniel

For a lot of older dogs, it is challenging to keep up with puppies, due to the difference in energy levels. However, Cocker Spaniels won’t have any trouble in this aspect, as they are as active as the young canines.

They love playing with other dogs and are gentle with puppies. When you have a Cocker Spaniel, it won’t be long before it becomes a great companion with the younger canine.

English Foxhound

If you want another pack animal other than the Beagle, check out the English Foxhound. These canines tend to thrive when they are with different species of dogs. It will take a short period, after which, they will become great friends with puppies. Also, they have high energy levels, which means they can play with the young canines all day.

St. Bernard

These huge canines are incredible when it comes to handling puppies. St. Bernards are known to be patient and calm, a great combo for becoming friends with young dogs. Before you know it, they will be your puppy’s best friend. These are the five dog breeds which won’t have any trouble getting along puppies!

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