5 Common Mistakes That Are Increasing Your Vet Bills


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In this day and age, health care for pets is progressing at such an incredible rate that we canโ€™t even imagine. Diseases that were once considered fatal for pets can now be cured with the help of the right medication. In fact, we can not only cure such diseases, we can detect and stop problems before they occur. Even though the price of healthcare is going up significantly, it isnโ€™t the sole reason as to why vet bills are high. To be honest, it is because of the mistakes made by the pet owners who have the best intentions at heart which can severely impact the health of the pet.Here are five common mistakes that are increasing your vet bills.

  1. Lack of preventive careThis is a common mistake made by the majority of pet owners. Taking your pet to the vetโ€™s clinic for regular examinations and vaccinations can help your pet in the long run as it prevents a lot of diseases. For example, heartworm disease is extremely dangerous as it hard to treat and fatal. However, it can be prevented. Rather than being proactive, being reactive to the situation can increase the length of the treatment which will ultimately increase the overall costs.
  2. Ignoring dental careAnother area that is often neglected by pet owners is dental care. Just as how we need regular dental care, pets also need it for similar reasons, that is to keep gum disease at bay. Once your pet is done with eating, plaque forms on the bottom of the teeth. If no care is provided, the plaque continues to build which will lead to inflammation. As a result of this, your pet will ultimately lose its teeth. You may not notice that your pet is experiencing pain as it is extremely good in hiding discomfort.
  3. Sharing medicationPet owners think that it is okay to give human medication to their buddies as they donโ€™t see any harm in doing so. However, medications such as Tylenol or Advil can be extremely dangerous to dogs as it is toxic. Even medicines such as ibuprofen which is meant for anti-inflammatory purposes can be fatal in small doses. Muscle relaxers, oral diabetes treatment, and vitamin D derivatives can pose risks ranging from seizures to death.
  4. Postponing criticalEven if you are aware of what your pet is going through, you tend to wait for a little longer than usual as it can completely disappear. Even if the pet is quite sick and in pain, you postpone critical care, with the hope that it will go away by itself. This will have a negative impact on the overall health of your pet which will increase your vet bill.
  5. OverfeedingToo much pampering or love can be bad for your pets. You may show your love for your buddy in the form of biscuits and treats. This will result in the dog gaining weight over time which can result in obesity. Arthritis and other similar orthopedic issues can crop up when your pet is overweight. This will increase the overall cost of healthcare.

There you have it, five common mistakes that are increasing your vetโ€™s bills. If you have any queries regarding the above topic, leave a comment below.

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