5 Brilliant Ways To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Dog


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Pregnancy is the time when the husbandโ€™s care is needed the most. In a dogโ€™s case, it is the ownerโ€™s responsibility to take care of the dog. The first thing that you need to do is understand whether itโ€™s a case of โ€œfalse pregnancyโ€ or not. A false pregnancy occurs due to hormonal changes when the dog has been in heat. Itโ€™s best if you take your dog to the vet and have her examined. If the vet says that your dog is pregnant, then you should start taking the following precautions.

  1. Feed her high quality foodItโ€™s not that you were feeding your dog something you shouldn't have before she got pregnant. Itโ€™s just that from now on you need to be extra careful what you feed your pregnant dog. Dog foods that have passed the food test of the American Association of Feed Control Officials are the best and get your hands on a couple of them and start feeding your dog.
  2. Give proper parental careBefore your dog gets pregnant, get her vaccinated to ensure that the puppies born are healthy and free of any disease. Additionally, keep a constant check on your dog to make sure no emergency comes up.
  3. Make changes around the houseOnce a woman gets pregnant, it is advised that she does not do any kind of heavy lifting that may result in injury. It is no different for dogs. Make sure that your dog gets adequate amount of exercise without straining herself. As weeks pass by, try keeping things away from the stairs or any other place that will involve physical labor.
  4. Keep her away from other dogsSometimes, itโ€™s important to gauge the stress levels in an animal. While itโ€™s important for them to socialize, it is also important that they donโ€™t encounter situations where they feel stressed. It is therefore important to keep your dog away from other dogs at least the first and the last 3 weeks of pregnancy.
  5. Create the perfect spaceYou can either dedicate a shoebox or any other place where your dog might feel comfortable. Remember that it will also be the place where the newborns will stay. So, make the place as comfortable as possible. Some hospitals can guide you in the right direction or you can take help from animal health experts.

You have an important role to play during your dogโ€™s pregnancy. As the owner and the primary caretaker, it is your duty to ensure that your dog gets the comfort she requires. Take care of her feeding habits and exercise patterns. Also, keep her away from other dogs for a certain amount of time before and after the birth of puppies.

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