5 Amazing Real Life 'Homeward Bound' Stories That Will Make You Cry

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Who doesn't love a good reunion story? It's what makes films like Homeward Bound or The Incredible Journey so touching. The thought of losing your beloved pet can be crippling, but stories of lost or stolen pets returning home can shine a much needed light on an otherwise dark subject.

Here are five stories of lost pets overcoming nearly impossible odds and finding their way back into their family's arms.

1. Leia - The Texas Dog Who Walked to Denver


From The Huffington Post

Two years ago, Alma Dominguez lost her precious puppy, Leia, outside her home in El Paso, Texas. Having all but given up hope and thinking the trail had gone cold, Alma made one last call to a dog rescuer in Denver, Colorado, and was shocked to hear their response. As luck would have it, they had Leia, some 700 miles away from home! After a long flight and a tearful reunion, the Dominguez family is finally whole again.