4 Ways Gen Z and Millennial Pet Owners Differ From Older Generations


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The average age of pet owners gets younger every year. A substantial half of all pet owners are now aged under 40. When it comes to increasing pet ownership, Millenials between 25 to 39 years of age comprise the fastest growing segment. These young pet owners makeup both the present and the future of the pet industry. These younger people are vital to pet product marketing companies and service marketers. No wonder the same demographic spends a large chunk of their money on expensive pet care services and pet products. Such owners influence the pet industry in myriad ways. These are quite different when compared to the preferences and practices of their parents.

The younger generation trust smaller companies and prefers brand integrity'

When compared to boomer and Gen X pet owners, the Millenial and Gen Z owners are more probable to trust products sold by smaller companies like an organic product one or a family owned business. It is to be kept in mind that smaller marketers must be prepared with a smartly packaged message if they want to sell to these upwardly mobile young pet owners.

Vet guides them on pet product purchase

Veterinarians play a vital role in the 18 to 39 years age group compared to older pet owners in the 55 to 74 years age group. It is observed that younger owners are more probable to listen to the opinion dished out by veterinarians when it comes to dog treats and dog foods. This demographic is more prone to purchasing dog treats and dog foods from a veterinarian.

Non-traditional venues and veterinary services

Service providers catering to veterinary needs will discover excellent growth opportunities among the Millenial and Gen Z dog owners by expanding their veterinary services in a number of non-traditional settings. Owners of dogs who fall anywhere between 18 years to 39 years age bracket are found to express much greater interest compared to their older counterparts when it came to requesting a veterinarian to visit their homes for the purpose of offering standard dog health services. Many Gen Z people call the veterinarian to their workplace so that the latter could provide standard dog health services. Similar patterns are held for Millenial and Gen z owners.

Excellent varieties of pets

Millennial or Gen Z pet owners make up a large chunk of owners for hamsters, birds, fish, and reptiles to name a few. This is the reason marketers target them for selling aquariums, bird cages, and reptile habitats. When it comes to the difference between Millenial and Generation Z owners, it is to remember that the Gen Z people are barely out of their teens. The Gen Z buys their pets special pet foods or birthday treats.

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