4 Things You Do Your Cat Probably Hates


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Cats are adorable and thatโ€™s exactly why you probably have one as a pet. However, even the biggest cat lovers tend to be ignorant about certain facts. You see, like a lot of animals, cats are sensitive to certain things and sadly, a lot of them tend to be the direct result of human behavior.So, if you want to make sure you arenโ€™t annoying your little furball, get informed. Weโ€™ll help you make a start with this tiny list of 4 things that cat owners shouldnโ€™t be doing to their cats.

Forcing Them to Interact with Strangers

Pets are like children to us and needless to say, we want them to get to know our friends and family. However, make sure you know how to go about such introductions. Never force your cat. They are animals at the end of the day and wary of new faces.So, let it happen organically. Leave the cat alone. If he/she is interested in meeting your guests, he/she will introduce himself/herself by rubbing against them or sitting on their laps. Otherwise, theyโ€™ll just ignore your friend/guest. In that case, let your cat be and donโ€™t bother him/her.

Car Rides

There are mainly two reasons why your cat hates car rides. The first has to do with the fact that they are animals of habit, just like us. Once they get used to something, theyโ€™ll likely end up sticking to it. Any major change can end up irritating them or make them feel frustrated.The second reason has to do with the fact that cats are prone to motion sickness and will end up experiencing nausea.So, to keep your cat happy and your car, clean, keep the two away from each other.

They Prefer Their Food Fresh

Nobody likes a plate of spoiled food and neither does your cat. Apart from tasting bad, stale food can make your cat sick. There are bacteria like Staphylococcus and Salmonella that are dangerous to both, humans and animals.Where are they likely to be found? Yup, you guessed it, spoiled or stale food. They tend to thrive on food thatโ€™s been left exposed, especially in humid weather.So, make sure youโ€™re giving your cat fresh food. Check expiration dates and avoid serving leftovers. Feed him/her exactly what he/she needs. If youโ€™re not sure, talk to a vet.

Being Left Alone

Cats may be more independent than dogs, but they arenโ€™t exactly solitary. They like their fair share of attention. So, if you do have to leave your little one alone, keep him/her busy with food puzzles to keep them occupied.However, if a longer absence is on the horizon, try leaving her/him with a pet nanny or a trusted friend/family member.

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