4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Cat


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Adopting a cat may sound like something very nice to do and an exciting prospect for everyone at home. But what people often donโ€™t realize that getting a pet is not as simple as just bringing an animal home. A pet is an animal that becomes part of a family- a family member in fact. Just as you will have to make many sacrifices and changes in your home when a new-born is on its way, a lot of preparation is required before getting a cat home.

  1. Cats will require lot of care and attention:Some people will tell you that a catโ€™s infancy is the most difficult time. Others will say it is difficult when the cat comes to sexual maturity. Still, others will point out that at a catโ€™s old age is the difficult time. The truth is that a cat requires a lot of attention at all times. Although itโ€™s true that for the most part, cats are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves in adulthood, itโ€™ll be a huge mistake if you let your care and attention towards them slacken.
  2. Regular visits to the vetVet visits will not be necessary only when your cat is sick. Youโ€™ll have to take your cat to the vets for regular vaccinations and check-ups as well. Just as you visit a physician to get yourself check to make sure youโ€™re in perfect health, so also will your cat need to be checked by a vet regularly to ensure that itโ€™s healthy. Besides, such visits can help in early detection of severe medical conditions so that they can be prevented.
  3. A cat is like another kid!Ask any cat owner and theyโ€™ll tell you that a cat is not just an animal brought home for entertainment. Having a cat is very much like having a child. You will have to fuss over it and pay constant attention just like you would a child. If you feel that youโ€™re not able to give that kind of attention and care to a cat for various reasons, then it would be a better idea to not adopt one.
  4. Special dietary needsCats are cats, and humans are humans. You need to feed cat with food that is suitable for its needs as its nutritional requirements are different. In-fact, some things that we eat could even lead to nasty reactions in cats. If you really want a cat, then itโ€™s important that you feed it with specially formulated cat food.

That being said, it doesnโ€™t mean that you shouldnโ€™t have cats at all. Rather than discourage you from getting a furry new addition to your family, these points are only aimed at helping you prepare yourself. The companionship and joy that you get from having feline member in your family completely outweigh the challenges (which you will gradually learn to enjoy facing).

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