4 Reasons You Need Nutri-Cal for Dogs Why These Supplements for Energy Can Be Just What Your Dog Needs

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For any of a number of reasons, dogs may not want to eat. Despite what pets may feel, they need nutrients or they'll get sick. Nutri-Cal gel is a great way to get those vital nutrients into your finicky pup.

Anyone who has a dog knows that sometimes pets decide to turn their nose up at their food. Whether it's a symptom of a sickness, anxiety, or just a broader disdain for the flavor of their everyday kibble, even the most enthusiastic eater might not deign to dine from time to time. The problem here is, regardless of their condition, dogs require daily nourishment. So while the cause of your pooch’s apparent lack of interest with their dinner might be a mystery, the fact that they are not eating remains a problem that requires action.

Various supplements for energy and nutrients exist, such as Nutri-Cal for dogs, which takes all the essential components of a meal and condenses them into a delicious squirt of flavored gel that even the pickiest of eaters would not think to turn down. For those wondering about trying Nutri-Cal, here's a list of common problems that can affect your dog’s appetite, all of which can be circumvented with a dab of this gel.

1. Anxiety/Stress

Oftentimes when dogs are feeling stressed out, whether it be a result of separation anxiety, the loss of a family member, or some other change in their routine, their diet is one of the first things to be affected. They may simply refuse to eat, or if they do, it might come right back up. Nutri-Cal is a great way to ensure that your pup is still getting all the essentials.

2. Illness

Not eating is generally a sign that something is wrong, and can sometimes point to a disease. Various infections, dental disease, liver or kidney problems, or cancer often result in a loss of appetite. While the underlying cause is definitely worth investigating, in the meantime, it can be well worth it to invest in a tube of Nutri-Cal to make sure your dog is loaded up with all the energy and nutrients they will need to better fight off their condition.

3. Post-Surgery

After a surgery pets will often refuse to eat for a day or two. Predominantly due to the anxiety, most pets will return to a normal diet within a few days. However, for some dogs, the effects linger. In these cases, it may be wise to try Nutri-Cal as a way to make sure they stay healthy.

4. Picky Eater

After a few months or years of eating the same food every day, some dogs will get tired. What makes this a real head scratcher is that, when they are presented with a brand new option, they don’t want that either! If you are in the middle of a contentious battle with your dog’s taste buds, take away some of the dietary stress with a few dollops of Nutri-Gel. With a flavor no dog can say no to, at least now your dog can act like a culinary prima donna on a full stomach.

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This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for the professional advice of, or diagnosis or treatment by, your veterinarian with respect to your pet. It has, however, been verified by a licensed veterinarian for accuracy.

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