4 Pet Infographics to Simplify Your Summer

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Caring for our pets is important every season of the year, and summer brings some unique challenges and

hazards for pets

. It can start to seem confusing when you hear snippets of advice from all angles -- beware fleas and ticks, don't let your pet overheat, be mindful when choosing the right kennel or

boarder for your dog

...But how to do all these things? Well, we've rounded up these four infographics to help simplify your summer. Here are reasons, answers, and useful steps you can take to safeguard your pet's health this summer.Let the sun shine!From yours truly,


:This infographic takes you through the process of getting fleas off your pets, out of your home, and away from your yard. Since

fleas reproduce so quickly

, it can be a frustrating job, which is why we put this 8-step plan together.



:We've all heard that leaving dogs in cars is dangerous, especially in the summer. But PetFinder has taken that annual finger-shaking and turned it into a useful list of alternatives. You and your dog will both breathe easier.




:Summer is vacation time, and for our pets that means getting taken along or being left in the care of someone else. We love all the tidbits they've put together about how we travel with or without our pets. Take a look!




:Road trip! While you're busy packing everything you'll need on the open road, don't forget to plan a safe journey for your dog as well. Take a look at these important safety tips, and everyone will arrive safe and sound.

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