4 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Pet!


Happy Earth Day!


Today is a day to breathe fresh air, smile up at the sun, and enjoy the outdoors. It's also a day to appreciate all the beauty the world has to share, and to think about how we can keep that beauty safe.Pet parents are especially aware of all that our great planet gives us -- our best four-legged friends are our ties to nature and the simple joys in life. I mean, have you ever seen a dog turn up their nose at a run in the park, or a cat who wasn't pleased by a spot in the sun?Celebrate Earth Day today by enjoying it with your pet -- and take a look at these 4 great tips on being an Earth-friendly pet parent:

1.ย Homemade Food for Earth Friendly Dogs

There's lots of buzz lately about organic foods versus foods withย 


, and with the so-calledย 

Monsanto Protection Act

ย in effect for the next months at least, you may be thinking about whether homemade dog food is a better option. Learn about the best ingredients, preparation methods, and pitfalls to avoid.Not sure if a completely home-made diet is something you can fit into your schedule?ย 

Make a fun snack

ย for your dog instead.

2.ย How to Make a Dog Bed at Home

Not only will a little craftiness save you money, reusing materials makes things easier on the planet. Don't fret if you've never sewn a stitch before -- take a look at these simple instructions and you'll be on your way!

3.ย Easy, Green, Cat-Safe Cleaning Tips

Cats are curious creatures, and as the saying goes, that's not always a good thing. Keep dangerous cleaning chemicals out of your cat's reach, or better yet, use these tips on how to keep your house clean


green, like by using biodegradable litter pans. Who knew?

4.ย 7 Essential Eco Friendly Pet Products

From cleaners to pet beds to toys, when doing pet shopping, Earth-consious folk want to get the most bang for their bucks, too. Take a look at these 7 top-pick products that will benefit your pet and be easy on the Earth all the same time.

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