4 Dog Resolutions to Steal from Top Dog Bloggers


The New Year is just around the corner, and that means it's time to make some

resolutions for a healthier, happier 2014!We asked these 5 pups what their plans are.

Tiki: Less Office, More Beach!


Tikiโ€™s resolution is to get more active! Like her pet parents, she spends too many hours in the office and not enough time exercising. In 2014, Tiki is resolving to return to her schedule of twice-daily, 45-minute walks including more challenging hikes to help her trim down (and get ready for her beloved beach season)!

From DogTipper,ย celebrating fidos and forever homes, withย special focus on saving money and saving dogs!

Sugar: Be 12 Years Young!


Sugar is a 12 year old senior dog, so staying healthy is the main priority. Being active, fit, and doing her favorite activities such as running, playing fetch, and swimming are very important to her. Her pet parent Rosalyn will continue to capture memorable "Golden Moments" with Sugar.

From Sugar The Golden Retriever,ย sharing one dog's golden life, adventures, thoughts, and insights.

Preston and Elvis: Go for the Gold!


Both Preston and Elvis's New Year's goal is to become a doggie athlete winner. Last year they achieved their "Into to Query" ribbons in Earthdog (an AKC sport). This year they want to come back and win their Junior Earthdog titles! These two LOVE to find rats!

preston-speaks-resolutions-2From Preston Speaks, a blog from a dog's point of view -- covering hot topics, reviews, rescues, and the adventures of Preston and Elvis.

Rocco: Join the Big Leagues!


Rocco's New Year's resolution is to continue to train in agility and enter his first competition sometime in 2014! His pet parent Diane's New Year's resolution is to get as fit as Rocco already is!

From To Dog With Love, a celebration of the "fluffier side of life" and the bond between pets and their people.

What's Your Dog's Resolution?

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