4 Dog Apps Every Pet Owner Needs

4 Dog Apps Every Pet Owner Needs


 Smartphones and tablets have almost completely removed the need to wait for anything. You have a question? Your phone has an answer. Want to check out todayโ€™s headlines? A news app is just a finger swipe away. Forgot to get toothpaste? Buy it on your phone and it can be on your doorstep tomorrow. And now the same thing applies to our pets.Here are four amazing pet-centric apps that are helping improve the lives of pets and pet parents everywhere.

1. Tagg

A sad reality of having a pet is the chance that they run away from home. Pets love being outside, but they are not always awesome at finding their way back on their own. And while in the past, hanging fliers and going door to door sometimes got the job done, what if you could pinpoint your petโ€™s exact location?That is what Tagg does. Using GPS technology, all you need to do is have your pet wear this special collar, download the app, and you can see exactly where they are, anywhere on earth.And if that wasnโ€™t enough, the Tagg collar also monitors your petโ€™s activity and sends you updates on how much exercise they should be getting. This app both keeps your dog safe, and makes it easy to keep them in good shape.

2. Bring Fido

One of the unexpected problems of having a dog is wanting to go out places and finding out too late that โ€œNo Dogs Allowed.โ€ Nobody likes to leave their pooch tied up outside or in the car.That is where Bring Fido comes in. This app is essentially an easy-to-navigate directory of every dog friendly place on earth. Want to eat outย but donโ€™t want to leave your dog alone? Check Bring Fido and soon you'll be chowing down next toย your favorite hound.ย New in town and looking for dog-friendly spots? Simply plug in your zip code and Bring Fido pops a dot on all the pet-safe spots.So if you have a dog and an active lifestyle, Bring Fido is the best way to merge the two.

3. ย Pet First Aid (Red Cross)

Did your pet eat something they shouldn't? Are they walking strangely and you donโ€™t know why? Get answers instantly with this clever app designed by the Red Cross.Not only does it house a wealth of information about pet health and wellness, but it can also direct you to the nearest vet or hospital, contact your personal vet with the push of a button, set vet appointments, and even show you how to perform emergency procedures with handy instructional videos.

4. Bark Buddy

If you are looking for a new fur baby, this nifty app makes finding your new forever friend just a finger-swipe away. A directory that pulls in information from shelters across the country, Bark Buddy allows you to plug in exactly what kind of dog you are looking for (age, size, gender), along with your location, and then you are ready to start browsing through all the adorable pups!The tricky part is to only adopt one.

So what are you waiting for? Download these apps and start making your life easier today.
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