31 Labradors Saved from Horrifying Living Conditions



Animal shelters in the North Adams area of Massachusetts had a busy day on Thursday after they liberated 31 Labrador Retrievers, some of which were puppies just a few hours old, from the substandard living conditions of the borderline puppy mill in which they were found.

Carrie Loholdt, the animal control officer for the city of North Adams, went to inspect the conditions of the local breeding operation on Thursday, and was shocked when she saw such a large number of dogs.

โ€œOur pound is only able to hold four dogs,โ€ said Loholdt, worried about how to accommodate for all these now-homeless pooches. A few shelters in the area, including the Berkshire Humane Society and the Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter, stepped in to help find homes for the displaced dogs.

New Homes for 31 Dogs

Despite the impromptu challenge of transporting so many dogs, all of the dogs rescued are now either in a shelter where they are being cared for, or in a brand new home, either of which is a huge step up from the squalor they came from.

While officials haven't verified the identity of the person responsible for running this breeding operation, evidence points to Rickโ€™s Auto Sales, an establishment that is known to have been advertising their sale of Labrador puppies with a sign that has been in front of their shop for years, and where a police officer was reported to have been asked to assist Loholdt on Thursday.

It is not certain yet whether the person responsible is going to face criminal charges.

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