3 Ways to Take Care of Your Pets While You're on Vacation

3 Ways to Take Care of Your Pets While You're on Vacation

This cat wishes you weren't going on vacation

Itโ€™s hot, sticky, and humid outside, so if youโ€™re dreaming of an ocean, lake, or poolside vacation right now, I sympathize. But as you book travel plans, pack your suitcases, and gather up your beach reads, donโ€™t forget your pets. When owners travel, it can confusing for pets who donโ€™t understand where owners are going and when they'll return. If bringing your pet along on vacation isnโ€™t feasible -- or just isnโ€™t right for you, your pet, or your vacation -- here are some options for how to keep pets comfortable during your vacation.

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Hire a Pet Sitter

A pet sitter can stop by on a daily basis to give your cat fresh food and water, clean the litter box, and spend some time socializing and playing with the cat. For dogs, a bit more is required from a pet sitter: several walks a day, as well as food and interaction, will be necessary.Some pet sitters will even stay in your home while youโ€™re away, which will insure that your pet gets the necessary play, stimulation, and social time. Pet sitters can be hired professionally or be a neighborhood acquaintance; whoever it is, make sure to hire a pet sitter that you feel comfortable entrusting with your pet and the keys to your home.RELATED STORY: Questions to Ask a Professional Pet Sitter

Board Your Cat or Dog

For some pets, being boarded is a reasonable option; for others, it may feel like a punishment. If your pet hates being boarded, and finds the small space and group environment detestable, this option is not right for you. But if your pet tolerates being boarded, give this a try.Do make sure to check the facility first, and make sure the accommodations are clean and pleasant. If youโ€™re looking for a place to board your pet, try asking your vet first -- many veterinarianโ€™s offices board pets, and all vets should be able to recommend a reputable kennel.RELATED STORY: Whatโ€™s the Cost to Kennel a Dog?

Leave Your Cat or Dog With a Friend

Before using this option, think about how demanding your pets are. Will this be too much of a burden on your friend? If you have a puppy or a notoriously challenging cat or dog, this might not be the best option. And, if your friend has a cat or dog, this option might not work, since your vacation-time may result in a week of your friend supervising territorial disputes.Wherever you decide to leave your pet, make sure the people responsible have your contact information, the vetโ€™s contact information, and a general sense of your petโ€™s disposition and habits. A note with feeding instructions, schedule information, and play guidelines will be immensely helpful as well.PetPlus

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