3 Fun Fall Activities to Do with Your Pet


Now that the last of summerโ€™s hot and humid days are over, itโ€™s time to enjoy the cool temperatures and crisp air of autumn! Hereย we'veย gathered some of the most fun outdoor activities to enjoy with your pet.

  1. Hiking.ย  Hiking is a great fall activity for your family and pets. However, there are a few points to consider before you hit the trail. Most parks do require pets to be on a leash at all times, and some donโ€™t permit pets at all. Visit BringFido.com to check which parks allow pets before you head out. To avoid exhaustion or dehydration, be sure to bring plenty of treats and water for you and your pet. You can also bring a travel or collapsible water bowl, and donโ€™t forget the doggy bags, just in case! Before you begin any forest adventure, itโ€™s critical that your pet is up to date on their flea, tick and heartworm medicine. An untreated pet could easily fall victim to one of these nearly-invisible predators. You can find out if youโ€™ll be hiking in a high risk area with our handy Flea & Tick map.
  2. Festive Fall Activities. Many families enjoy going to local farms and orchards to pick fresh apples or pumpkins. Why not bring your pet along? As long as they enjoy being in social settings, your pet will love sniffing around and exploring! Make sure the farm or orchard allows you to bring animals, and bring along a leash and plenty of doggy bags. If your pet has a flair for the dramatic, perhaps they would enjoy accompanying you in a fall parade or Halloween costume pageant. They might even win a prize!
  3. Lawn Care. Lawn care may not be your favorite part of the season, but why not let your pet keep you company? They will love running through piles of raked leaves and exploring all of the fall scents in the yard. If your pet is a sports fan, bring a foam football for a quick game of fetch!

Fall is a favorite time of year for manyย people, and their pets! Including your furry family members in these fun outdoor activities is a great way to bond, and to help them enjoy the season as much as you do. Remember, being outdoors means being exposed to the dangers of

fleas, ticks



. Before engaging in any outdoor activities, make sure your pet is up to date on all of their medical needs.Happy fall!

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