3-D Printer Gives Disabled Dog The Ability To Run Again


People throw around the term "life hack" pretty frequentlyย when it comes to simple solutions or alternative uses that enhance your life in some way. Well, Derby may be the first pooch to have a "dog hack."According to Tech Crunch, Derby was born with deformed front legs, but can now walk with ease thanks to the help of 3-D-printed plastic blades. These gripped, semicircular plastic pieces help Derby get the support and mobility needed to walk, run orย play like any other pooch. See Derby in action in the video below.

The former foster dog was adopted by a 3DSystems employee and an animal orthotist, Tara Anderson and Derrick Campana. Theyย were able to create custom walking blades with the help of the scanner and printer. Anderson told Tech Crunch that 3-D printing is all about helping people, but this is far from the only dog hack that people have come up with to help their pet pooch. Try out one of these simple tricks to enhance you and your dog's lives.

Use a cotton ball to get rid of ticksย 

If you have an active dog, you're bound to run into ticks while you'reย walking or hiking. In order to remove the tick from your dog's coat, use a cotton ball covered in dish soap. Just rub it for a few minutes over the area and the tick will release from your dog's body and become stuck in the ball instead.Of course, the best protection are treatmentsย like Frontline Plus for dogs, which helps prevent ticks from attacking your dog. Offering month-long protection, Frontline Plus for dogsย can help you and your pooch avoid painful illnessesย like Lyme disease.

Make homemade Pill Pocketsย 

MuttNut explained that pet owners can

make their own tiny treats

ย with peanut butter, milk and flour to help pet meds go down more easily. They make giving your dog medication just a little more pleasant for both of you. Rather than fighting with your canine companion or watching them choke down a bitter pill, this recipe allows you to make the experience more pleasurable.

Try a dremmel on their nailsย 

If you have trouble cutting your pooch's nails or are afraid you'll hit the quick and make your furry pal bleed, LifeHackย suggested turning to the dremmel, which shaves down nails rather than strictly cutting them.Use


for medication, food and dog hacks that will let your pooch live a great, healthy life.

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