10 Animal Awareness Events and Pet Holidays in October



Animal advocates and pet lovers will welcome pretty much any excuse to honor pets and to raise awareness about important animal issues. Every month of the year has a solid selection of pet holidays and celebrations, and October is no exception. Here are 10 cat and dog holidays that take place this month. Get celebrating!

All Month

1 and 2.

?Both the American Humane Associate and the ASPCA have dedicated this month to adoptions --

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

(ASPCA) and?

Adopt a Dog Month

(AHA) are using October to help spread the word about canines in need of their forever home.

RELATED ARTICLE: How To Adopt Shelter Dogs3. National Pet Wellness Month:?First launched in 2004 by the AVMA and Fort Dodge Animal Health

, National Pet Wellness Month has been gaining sponsors and traction every year. The focus is on informing pet parents about?

wellness examinations, disease prevention, and pet insurance


4. Animal Safety and Protection Month:

This celebration hopes to spread awareness about -- you guessed it -- pet safety.

Fall hazards, like mushrooms and snakes, can be of concern to pet parents, and all pet parents should have a pet fire safety plan


disaster plan.5.?Pit Bull Awareness Month


?A celebration shining a light on the stigmas and myths that still surround Pit Bulls to this day, often making them a target of inhumane treatment and potentially

unfair laws.6. Black Cat Month: Likely sparked by Halloween myths

about black cats,

Black Cat Month

aims to show the world the beauty and loving nature of black cats. Unfortunately,

black pets often go unadopted

, due to silly superstitions. Let's change the tide for these ebony felines.

October 1-7

7.?National Walk Your Dog Week:

?Founded by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Rescuer?Colleen Paige?in 2010, this week long festivity hopes to get you and your buddy outside for more walks -- it's good for both of you!

October 4

8. World Pet Day:

Every day is "pet day" for pet parents, but on World Pet Day we have an extra excuse to talk about how much joy our pets bring to our lives. It's also traditionally a day for pets to be brought to

churches for blessings


October 9

9. National Pet Obesity Awareness Day:

Hosted by the

Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

, this day spreads the word about the importance of a

healthy weight to a pet's longevity and happiness.

October 28

10. Plush Animal Lovers' Day: ?So maybe this sounds more like a day for buying toys for tots -- always a fun idea! -- but what about plush animals

your pets can play with, too? Or plush animals that look like your pet, to adorn your home? The possibilities are endless!

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