All About Small Dogs What You Need to Know about Health, Training, and More

When it comes to caring for a small breed dog, their size will have an effect on the way you feed, exercise, train, groom, and shop. Find out what you need to know.

From extra-tiny to medium-sized, small breed dogs make great pets. When it comes to caring for a small breed dog there are unique factors to consider. The size of your dog will have an effect on the way you feed, exercise, train, groom, and shop. Small breed dogs are also predisposed to certain health problems that aren’t as prevalent in larger breeds. Here we’ll cover all of the bases that will help you care for your small-statured friend.

Small Breed Dog Health Care

For all dogs, overall health and wellness comes from a combination of good nutrition, proper exercise, and regular health care. Proper small size breed food such as Blue Buffalo Wilderness Small Breed Red Meat, Blue Buffalo Dog Food Small Breed Adult, or Blue Basics Lamb And Potato Small Breed is essential. For small breed dogs, these three factors require special consideration. Your dog’s diet and exercise should be appropriate for their size, and you should be aware of any health conditions to look out for in smaller breeds.

Nutrition for Small Dog Breeds

Feeding your dog might not seem like rocket science, but getting this everyday activity right is incredibly important. Small breed dogs have specific needs when it comes to food and nutrition, and your dog’s unique size will determine exactly what those needs are. Learn how to feed your dog based on their size and explore other nutritional concerns such as obesity, dental health through diet, water intake, food allergies, and poisonous foods.

How to Train a Small Dog

As with all dogs, training is a great way to bond with your pet while teaching proper manners. A common misconception is that small breed dogs don’t need to be trained because they are too little to cause any trouble. Not so! Small breed dogs can get into just as much mischief and can have as many behavioral problems as large dogs. In this article we’ll look at the special considerations for training a small breed dog, and we'll learn some tricks, too!

Small Dog Pet Supplies

Shopping for your dog can be great fun, but it can also be overwhelming! With so many items to choose from it can be difficult to pin down exactly what your dog needs. Here we’ll help you get the most bark for your buck with a guide to the essential supplies for small breed dogs, including food, crates, collars, and more.

Small Dog Grooming

Some people think that owning a small breed dog means less grooming, but this isn’t necessarily true. Many small breed dogs require a lot of upkeep -- in some cases daily care -- while others need very little pampering. Regardless of your dog’s grooming needs, you’ll need to train your small breed dog to be comfortable with grooming, and purchase the right sized tools to fit their smaller parts.

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