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Options Available: Small - 14.2 oz. Bag (27 Count)

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  • This is the best tooth cleaner we know of.
    I am able to break them easily, so I break them into thirds and give him one after his breakfast and one after his dinner.My husband and I take turns hiding them. Our dandy doggie does not give up till he finds them. So they give him double exercise as well as clean teeth.These are the high point of his day. We always buy ahead to make sure that we never run out of them. We get the vegetarian, he does not like the others. Plus, the vegetarian are a bit harder than the non vegetarian, so this too is probably also better for his teeth.I have even cut some small pieces off for our neighbors Yorkies and they love them too. Is cleaning and helping to strengthen their jaws and teeth. This is amazing for their owner. by on 01/02/2015
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