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Your dog is your best friend. Give him exactly what he needs to keep up with you every day. Vets Best Aches + Pains is a potent, aspirin-free formula of White Willow and Pineapple Bromelain that quickly eases temporary discomfort due to regular exercise and normal daily activity. And since it was developed by a veterinarian you can trust that it's a potent and safe supplement to put the kick back in your dog's step.... Read More


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Helps Old Dog Most Days

I have an older, very large dog with arthritis and these seemed to help his pain. He is stiff in the mornings and limps on his front leg until he gets it loosened up. I was hoping these would keep him from limping. They have helped because he doesn't limp as bad, but he still limps most mornings. by on 07/17/2013
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