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Vetoquinol Nutri-Cal Product Reviews

Is your pet a fussy eater or a baby too young to eat yet? Nutrical Gel is a great dietary supplement for cats and dogs. Nutrical Gel provides needed nutrients and calories to help keep your picky pet healthy.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 13 reviewers.

Great product

My 12.5 yr old schnauzer loves this! We call it desert! It helps on calories as she is a picky eater some days and it gives her energy! by on 01/22/2023
Great product

Helps our 12 year old schnauzer, who is a picky eater, to get the nutrition and vitamins needed. by on 07/27/2022
Great product

It gives my 12 yr old schnauzer added energy. by on 05/19/2022
Useful gel

We use the gel to help put some calories in to our older dog. It works well to get everything bound up for him. by on 11/05/2021
Not tasty to my cats

I was hoping to help my very old, underweight cat with this product. But he won't go near the stuff. He'll beg for petrolum jelly, but I can't even get him to sniff this stuff.Plus it melts in your hand too easily. I will be returning the second tube I bought. by on 04/23/2014
A blessing

My dog is going to be 18 and she just started to lose weight even though she eats so a friend suggested I try this and it is like a miracle. She loves the taste and her weight has maintained and I couldnt be happier, she sometimes has more energy than me. by on 08/12/2011
Pilling Aide

My cat wakes me up every morning for her dose of Nutri Cal. She used to fight me when I had to give her a pill, now I put some Nutri Cal on the pill and she takes it without a fuss. AMAZING! by on 05/13/2010
Amazing product

After my 2-year-old kitty got her rabies and distemper shots last week, she became very lethargic and lost all interest in her food and water... very dangerous for cats! I took her back to the vet, who gave her an iv of fluids and sent us home with a tube of Nutri-cal and a syringe. The vet said it would stimulate her appetite and it DID! After giving her a few doses of Nutri-cal (maybe three doses each day for two days), she is now eating and drinking freely again and acting like her usual peppy self. Thank you! by on 07/05/2009
Wouldn't be without it

Hi, my name is Krosby and I am a 18 months girlie poodle and weigh a whopping 3 pounds (with my clothes on). When I was 5 months old my new mom brought me home. We played alot ,and all of a sudden I passed out, go figure. My mom was hysterical and raced me over to the doggie hospital. I had to stay overnight (bummer), but they did hold me alot. The neurologist was nice, he said I had hypoglycemia and should out grow it. He said I had to eat frequently and recommended Nutrical twice per day until I was grownup (like now). I still get Nutrical daily as a treat when I am good (mom says I am always good , okay, maybe not ALL the time). My other buds get to have it as a treat too! Nutrical makes us eat when we don't want to and when we have shots or just because. It really perks up out appetite and makes our mom feel terrific when we do. Tell your parent(s) to get some, it's GREAT!! by on 06/10/2008
Awesome for keeping on weight.

When my pet rats get older and slower and stop eating so much, they lose muscle tone. This helps them keep on that extra weight they need to remain healthy. by on 06/24/2007
Life saving

Great for small breeds when there is no appetite. Works like magic. by on 05/18/2007
Nutracal is the Best!

My Pomeranians love Nutracal and stay healthy with an inch of it every morning. by on 03/26/2007
life saver

When Bambi(Chesie)showed up on my door she was about 15lb,starved,dehydrated and 1/2 dead. Scard of everything she would not even eat. Nutrical was the 1 thing she liked. 3 months later she is 55lbs, has tripled in height and is my sons future hunting parter. Nutrical is a must for undernurished or active dogs. Ilove the product and don't think she would have lived without it. by on 12/26/2006