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From one of the top names associated with durable home storage products comes a series of plastic litter care products. 21.25"x 17.25"x 10.35" VNESS CATPAN CP2 HIGH SIDE LG Unbreakable, Stain Resistant Litter Pan, Prevents Litter Spills also has High Impact Plastic.... Read More


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If only I could choose to buy this item in the color I want ........

This high-sided litter pan is exactly what I want to have for my new 7-year old cat. She's a large cat and prefers to stand up when she pees so I need the high sides. I live in a small condo and I'm rather proud of how nicely it is decorated. Problem is there is only one spot in the condo where I can place this high-sided litter pan: -- in my combination family room/kitchen area. A green litter box or a blue litter box would be very unsightly in this room so I really need the color of the litter pan to be BLACK! But apparently I am not allowed to choose the color I want and have to take whatever color the warehouse factory picks out to send me. BUT I ONLY WANT THE BLACK ONE! NOT THE GREEN ONE! So what do I do??? The ratings I have indicated above are the ratings I'm sure I would give if I could only CHOOSE the color I want. Thank you for hearing me out. by on 06/14/2016
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