Van Ness Sifting Framed Cat Pan
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Use sifting screen to easily clean litter
Easy to use and saves time
Roomy and comfortable for your pet

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 5 reviewers.

  • Cat Doesnt Like the Pan
    I have two cats (male and female) and was really excited when I saw this litter box on the website, but my male cat was not so thrilled with using it. He primarily uses the box downstairs and the female cat uses the other. I switched his box out with the sifter and every time he used it, I would have to clean up after him. He is very peculiar because he doesnt get inside the box to use it; he squats on top of the sides to go and he was missing the box. So needless to say I have switched back to my old box. by on 08/28/2008
  • Adding a cat and one more of these great boxes!
    This is the second one I am buying from this site, and what I have noticed, when you add the Ammo cat box additive, it falls through sifter and really extends the life of the litter/no odor. I know that two cas can easily share one box but knowing how territorial two male cats can be, have doubled on everything, although I make them share same water bowl. My cats also don't get tap water as I don't drink tap water unless it is Brita, and my cats getting Brita water officially makes me a crazy cat owner! by on 08/15/2008
  • Sifting litter pan
    With 5 cats,this litter pan saves a lot of work and litter for me. I can clean the pan with one lift of the sifter instead of having to stand there and sift thorugh the whole pan with a scooper. by on 07/20/2008
  • Namnibor
    First time ordering from site and have been looking for this type of catbox, as I have HIV and have to be careful handling he litter due to Toxoplasmosis danger but did not want to pay 40 or even 50 bucks at the pet stores. This product is a grat buy, well-made and came to my door within two days...very impressed and will buy from them in the future for any of my cat's needs! by on 06/14/2008
  • Benifits of This Cat Litter Box.
    Using this cat litter box makes it very easy to change the cat litter.There is very little mess and the cat litter is not scattered all over the place.With the more than one pan it makes it easy to keep it sanitized.It's a great item for such a low price. by on 04/20/2008
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