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Trifexisยฎ (spinosad+milbemycin oxime) provides 3-in-1 parasite protection against heartworm, fleas andintestinal parasites.


Rated 5 out of 5 by 187 reviewers.

I like the product

My dog does not like the taste, I have to put it down his throat but he is good about it.The only thing I don't like about it is it does not work on fleas so I still need the prevent tick collar by on 08/18/2014

Have been using this on my Fur Babies for 3 years and would not us anything else!! by on 08/18/2014
Good product, but expensive for me

I have noticed that after giving to my kids a couple of months, they were no longer scratching from fleas and neither was I! And while I do recommend this product, it is still rather expensive for someone on a fixed income and when you have 3 little dogs to keep well, it's not an easy task. It is a good product though. by on 08/14/2014
This product is amazing!

My husband I tried several different flea medications, we washed the dog's bedding weekly as well as bathing them weekly. Nothing was helping. We started them on Trifexis and noticed almost a 100% difference withing the first month. After month 2, the fleas were completely gone and my dogs were relieved. Great product and worth every penny. by on 08/04/2014
Expensive, ineffective for us, worthless guarantee

We have been giving our 11 month old mix Trifexis at the recommendation of our vet since we have had him (6 months). The treatment is certainly not the cheapest, so we expected it to work. Two weeks after his latest dose, he was seeming lethargic and we needed a new box of Trifexis, so we decided to take him in for the regular check-up he was slightly overdue for. At the check-up, his fecal came back positive for hookworms; thinking that surely Elanco's satisfaction guarantee would cover treatment, we gave him a prescription of Drontal ($$). Now, after both myself and my vet have talked to the Elanco rep, we have been told that Elanco will not honor any guarantee since the infection was discovered as part of a regular check-up. I understand that the worm has a short cycle and it is possible that he could test positive that soon after a dose, but based on his possible exposure I find it unlikely (clean yard) and the reaction of Elanco has left me extremely displeased. We will not continue treating with Trifexis and cannot recommend the treatment to others. by on 07/22/2014
Great Price

Simply the best price I could find on this product, local or online. I have been a Advantage user for years, but fleas have become resistant to the medication. Trifexis did the trip and includes heartworm medication. by on 07/20/2014
Great Effective Product

We have tried topical items for our 40 lb dog, but none worked great. We love trifexis because it keeps him free of fleas and ticks and includes his heartworm meds too. It is pricier than some other flea and tick meds, but a pretty good value when you factor in not having to buy separate heartworm prevention meds. Only complaint would be trying to get my dog to take it. It is a pretty big chewable pill and he will pick it out of his food and pill pockets and spit it out. I have to smash it up good in something tasty to get him to take it. by on 07/18/2014
Works great.

It's nice to have a 3-in-1, so only one rx needed. Works much better against fleas than any topical we tried. My dog has been itch free since we started using Trifexis. Only problem is she doesn't like the taste, we have to crush it and mix with something she likes. by on 07/14/2014
Completely satisfied with the product

My dog hasn't had any side-effects to this medicine or any of the infestations it attempts to prevent. Based off my observations and annual stools sampled by the vet. by on 05/31/2014

Our Dog Ted has had two monthly doses. We live in Florida. I have noticed a lot less itching, so I think Its working like It should. We hope It contines to work. Thanks Janice Mc Mullen.......Tavares Florida by on 05/26/2014
Keeps my dog healthy without the worry.

We have a Cairn Terrier. Our Vet recommended this product and although it is a little pricy; it does keep her healthy without my worrying about fleas, tics, heartworm, etc. She takes it willingly. by on 05/22/2014
The Best for flea and internal parasites

This product would be perfect if it contained heart worm prevention as well. Oh . . .and if someone else gave the pill to my 85 lbs American Bulldog . . .what a fight!!! The other 3 dogs were easy by comparison; a chow mix, a brown dog???, and a yorkie/maltese mix by on 05/20/2014
I like a product that kills multiple pests

This pill is definitely NOT something that is palatable. It may be "beef flavored" but even disguised inside a cheese cube my Lhasa Apso can smell the distinctive unpleasant aroma of this medicine, and I have to pry his jaws open to get the cheese cube in and hold his jaws shut to make sure he swallows it! by on 05/13/2014
TRY Trifexis

If you have not yet tried this product you are missing out. This is our second season with this and have seen no fleas, ticks or worms. It may seem expensive but consider the cost of the 3 products it replaces and it is a bargain. No more oily fur and worrying about not petting your dog after applying products like frontline. by on 05/12/2014
Simple yet very good

One pill a month to treat everything and cheaper then buying at the vet's office! by on 05/11/2014
Vet approved , owner tested - it works for our 4 legged kid

It states chewable - yet my 4 legged kid - golden retriever - yet she dislikes the smell, we the owners can smell and she will not chew. So we put honey on it and she will shallow. It works to our liking and once a month is nice element of the Trifexis for the protection it provides for our pet. by on 04/24/2014

We never had a problem with fleas until we moved south. When our dog got some fleas our vet recommended this product and within one dose we noticed a difference. It is not effective on ticks, so when we are in an area where ticks are an issue we add a tick preventative product.This is an effective, easy to use product and no side effects for our dog. by on 03/17/2014
One Pill!!

It is so much easier to have one pill take care of everything! Fleas, worms, ticks and heartworms...1! by on 03/17/2014
Awesome to have it all in one pill.

So nice to just give my dogs one pill for the month and have it cover everything. by on 02/21/2014
all in all, it does what it's suppose to.

I have a hard time getting my dog to take it. I have even coated it in peanut butter. He licks it off and then spits it out. It really smells bad so I don't blame him. by on 02/20/2014
Trifexis works great

I have three girl dogs: a 16year old shepherd mix, a 5 year old beagle mix, and a 5 year old schnauzer mix. We have lived in numerous places around the world and successfully used Heartgard and K9 Advantix II. Until we got to Florida and this past summer the fleas were relentless and nothing topical worked. The dogs were miserable and so were we. Until we tried Trifexis. Within 30 minutes the fleas were gone and they have not returned. The dogs had no adverse reactions and they tolerate it well. The only complaint is that it is ridiculously expensive. by on 02/20/2014
Easy to use. Dog takes without a problem

Have seen no fleas since my dog has been taking this product. by on 02/13/2014
This product is easy to give to your dog.

My dog takes this pill very easily and it does a good job. by on 02/10/2014
Product keeps dogs healthy

I have used this with my two labs for over two years. It is very effective but the dogs hate the taste. I have tried putting it in meat, pill pocket treats, peanut butter, chicken stock, sardines and cheese, things they normally love. Every month I have to hold their mouths open and force them to take the pill. They are on other vitamins which they take willingly and without fuss but Trifexis NO. by on 01/12/2014
Most successful product we have tried in this category.

Very good, easy, and expensive. Most successful product we have tried in this category. by on 12/08/2013
I like the convenience of Trifexis

Great product to combat multiple problems that happento pets. Use to use Comfortis (made with same drug tocombat fleas) but now this is combined to helpwith heartworms!Product is expensive, but my 3 big dogs are worth everypenny!Thanks! by on 11/27/2013
Needed for protection and better price than at the Vet office

As far as I can tell triflexis works for my two dogs but as far as any far reaching side effects , it is difficult to know....One dog requires me to crush the pill otherwise I cannot get her to take it even with food etc.... by on 11/23/2013
Not so hot, but it works

If you can get your dog to eat this, good for you! It smells like pesticide, not beef! and the tablet for my 25 lb dog is huge. You can't hide the smell so the dog won't eat the stinking thing which means you have to shove it down his throat! by on 11/18/2013
mixed results

my smaller dog (let's call him a maltepoo) has thrown up each of the first two times we have given it to him. he is 15 lbs and we have given him the pill for 10 lbs to 20lbs. expensive trial gone larger dog (let's call him a husky shepherd) acted a bit sluggish after the first (and only) time we have given it to him but he did not get sick. he is 55 lbs and we gave him the pill for 40 lbs to 60 lbs. by on 11/11/2013
Easy and effective for dual protection

Trifexis is a once a month chewable tablet that protects your pet against heartworm and fleas. It's so easy to administer and the dog much prefers a treat than having to endure the application of topical flea prevention! by on 11/04/2013
Great Product!

I used to use Sentinel (until it was recalled) and was always happy with everything it did, EXCEPT the fact that it didn't kill fleas (it only sterilized them.) So even though this was a pretty expensive change, its well worth it to only have to give my dogs ONE pill to cover all bases.My only issues are 1. The pills are BIG. I usually have to cut them in half because my 65lb dogs can't/won't swallow them whole. 2. They're not offered in a 12 month supply, so I have to purchase a pack every 3 months because I have 2 dogs. by on 10/29/2013
Great response from product but...

My concern is my dog is not quite at 22lbs and will be dropping 2-4 lbs. Currently dosage for her goes up to 40lbs. I'm not comfortable giving her meds for almost twice her weight and vet won't drop dosage to 20lbs dosage. For that reason ONLY I've stopped Trifexis. by on 10/27/2013
Dogs Hate These

My dogs hate these! I have a 100lb dog who has to take a very large pill & it is very hard getting it down her. My smaller dog doesn't like them either, but I can wrap pill in a piece of meat and get it down her, since her pill is small. My friends with dogs have the same problem. They need to do something to make these more palatable to dogs.I assume the are effective since I see no sign of fleas and hope never have a heart worm problem. by on 10/22/2013
It works

One stop shopping for dogs & their owners. One pill for multiple uses than giving dogs three different pills. by on 10/19/2013
All in one heart guard and pest control medicine

Great product for the one and done folks. Pill itself is a little large and must be broken up (and mixed with treats) for our pet to take. by on 10/16/2013
Great Product

I will definitely continue to use Trifexis for my two dogs. I have been using it for a couple of years now and I have had zero problems with fleas and/or ticks. Usually, I smash the pill up inside a plastic bag with a rolling pin and then empty the pill into some wet dog food. My dogs eat it up like they normally would eat a treat like that. My dogs are very healthy and happy! It is a little pricey, but I think it is worth it!! It definitely beats having to worry about fleas on your dog, on you, and all over your house! by on 10/11/2013
I think is too expensive. Most folks can't afford this for their pets & that's too bad because Our pet has not had worms,fleas,or ticks & that's grea

It works great.Max has not tested positive for worms while on this medication. He has not had a flea or a tick on himWhile he has been on it either. by on 10/08/2013
I think is too expensive. Most folks can't afford this for their pets & that's too bad because Our pet has not had worms,fleas,or ticks & that's grea

It works great.Max has not tested positive for worms while on this medication. He has not had a flea or a tick on him While he has been on it either. by on 10/08/2013
Not worth the money

I have a 13Lb 3yr old pug. She is normally happy and energetic. I normally give her the plus version of a leading brand of topical flea treatment that protects against everything but heartworms. I thought to switch to this product so I would not have to administer an additional heartworm pill and I thought I was doing her a favor by not applying chemicals to her skin. I split the pill into quarters and mixed it with chicken. I could tell by the look in her face that she disliked it very much. She has been much less energetic since I gave her the pill five days ago. She is itchy and seems to pay more attention than ever to her genital area. So, now I don't have to give her a separate heart pill, but I have to worry about ticks, flea pupae, itching, lethargy, "licking of the genitals" and the guilt of giving her a large and distasteful pill. For the money, I expect better. I figure I can go back to the topical treatment and at least she is protected against ALL stages of fleas AND ticks, plus she does not mind the taste of the heart pill. by on 09/30/2013

Great Product but...

I LOVED this product only reason I stopped using it was cause it was NOT tested on breeding males which my dog is. But for the time I was using this product it did wonders for getting rid of the fleas kept the ticks down (we hike a lot). by on 09/16/2013
Great product, totally works, and PetCareRx offers it at a great price!

We've been using this product as well as PetCareRx for close to four years now and are extremely happy with the level of service and value. by on 09/05/2013

This is a good all in one flee plus heart guard. It did well for one of my dogs, but no so much the other one. Not sure why. My dog does not like the taste, so I have to put in food before he will take it. by on 08/15/2013
Works for both of my dogs

Both of my dogs have been using Trifexis since we got them and we have never had a single flea. This is even more amazing because we live in the country and have all kinds of wildlife going through our yard. by on 08/12/2013
Trifexis has worked for us

The only problem we have had with this product is that my one picky dog will not eat it willingly. But we coat it in peanut butter and then all is well. My dogs have both been taking Trifexis for many months and it appears to be effective. by on 08/07/2013
Trifixes really works.

I was giving my 4 month old Multees the topic medication that you put in the back of the neck. I thought she was safe from tick and fleas. Boy was I wrong. One day after shower her, I saw lot of fleas on her and panicked as Im sure most of you will. Trifexes was recommended through a friend of mine who had a dog and recommended me to use it. After much research, I asked my vet if its ok to use it. Make the long story short, after first application it worked wonders. No more fleas, ticks or nothing. My dog is healthy and I believe this product really works. One pill a month orally and thats it. You dont have to worry about any ticks or nothing. Man Im so glad I found Trifexes Its a little expensive, but hey I dont care, as long as my puppy is healthy, thats all i care about. by on 08/07/2013
Great preventative med

Such an easy product to use. Not only to prevent worms but bonus flea protection. by on 08/06/2013
This product works great for sensitive dogs...I have a pug..

This product works great for sensitive dogs...I have 2 pugs and have not had any problems... by on 07/23/2013
Great Product

I love this product for my puppy. I hated to put something on her skin. I always felt that was harsh. I have never seen anything on her. It even killed the one tick that was one her. by on 07/22/2013
3 birds, 1 stone

I like that I don't have to worry about separate meds for heartworm and fleas. It's expensive, but evens out when you combine other med costs. My dog's only gotten sick from it once, and I think it was because I gave it to her too late after she finished eating for the night. by on 07/22/2013
Good for small dogs

My dog is under 5 pounds. With some of the flea medications, you need to be careful because they are "for under 20 pounds" and even so, some are too much for such a little dog. This medication is fine for her. It does make her a little lethargic but only for about 1 day. As far as I know, it works. I haven't had any flea issues. I think it's expensive but they all are these days. by on 07/20/2013
Works well

I wish it were more palatable to our dog. She hates the taste. WILL NOT eat it, not even swallow it in small pieces. I have to pulverize it. She is usually a pretty good pill taker. (has to take 4 pills per day' just toss them onto the back of her tongue, and rub her throat and offer her a treat. However, nothing works with the Trifexis! PLEASE tell the company to make it more "dose easy"! by on 07/19/2013
Trifexis works well

from Florida it is a definite asset other than the cost & the dogs HATE it , they take heartguard like a cookie, for the cost you have to become quite creative. not only my dogs my sister in law turned me on to trifexis & has the same trouble To get them to eat it! by on 07/16/2013
Highly recommended.

If it was in a chewy tab, my dogs would like it better, but I love the ease and the effectiveness of this product, I JUST CRUSH THE TABLETS IN THE PACKAGE, OPEN IT UP POUR OVER DRY FOOD AND THEN ADD A LITTLE WET FOOD TO MIX IT IN AND THEY EAT IT UP. I hated the flea products that you administer to there skin as I have a black lab with long thick hair and a vizla and they love water and never felt the products were as effective. by on 07/16/2013
A good product!

I live in a rural area and my dogs were constantly infested with fleas, despite using various flea products. Since I started Trifexus over a year ago, I have not seen 1 flea on either of them! by on 07/12/2013
Love it!

I live out in the country, and both my dogs were fighting fleas and ticks even with 3-4 week spot treatments and they both had hookworm. The first time I used Trifexis, they were both nauseated with the first dose and didn't digest the entire tablet, but I still noticed a reduction in fleas and stomach problems. They weren't as nauseated with the second dose. We are at two full months now, and I haven't seen a flea or tick in at least 4-6 weeks, and it doesn't even say anything about tick preventative. They are also both free of hookworms, and their skin is getting clearer from where they had been scratching. I love that this gives heartworm, flea, and intestinal worm treatments all in one product, and the cost is great compared to buying two or three different products. My vet recommended this to me because he uses it for his dog, and I would definitely recommend it to other people. by on 06/29/2013
I have a minature schnauzer 16 lbs, have been giving it to her for about 2 years. The price continues to go up each time I buy a 6 month supply.

Besides the price going up each time I buy, it makes her very itchy, so then I have to give her another pill to try to combat the itching (Temeril P), which makes it more expensive by on 04/23/2013
Not one flea but....

We have a mini dachshund. I added up the cost and this product was cheaper than having to buy all monthly products (heartgaurd, wormer, etc..) by around $5-$10. I don't have any problem with her taking it. It is a hard pill and with other products I have been known to roll cheese around it. However, the only issue thus far has been the itching. I thought at first she had fleas, then just dry skin but after reading up this product has a side affect of itching. She also got tapeworms so I'm assuming it doesn't protect against them. She mainly an indoor dog but on pretty days she spends a good dosage of outside time. by on 03/26/2013
Expensive but Effective

This product is Effective. I have not seen a flea on my dog and we live in Florida. We will see when summer hits if it is truly repellent of fleas. I gave low ease of use because it is not chewable. I have to fight with her every month to take it. She smells it and cowers down. I cannot put it in cheese or meat because she won't eat it. I did however discover smothering it with peanut butter and then cheese works the best. It still requires a fight. Also, this is a very expensive pill and you cannot afford any monthly mistakes. I wish it was a little cheaper. It is definitely making me look for an alternative. by on 03/16/2013
Very Effective

My Dachshund gets this produce once a month and it is VERY effective. Be careful to order the correct dosage because it is dangerous if you give a more powerful strength than needed. I recommend this product over Comfortis. Mo weighs 13lbs so she gets the one for dogs 10.1-20 pounds. Be sure to give your dog food when you give this product because it could possibly upset your pet's stomach. Mo eats it no problem, I don't even have to disguise it in a dog treat or break it up. by on 03/12/2013
Great Heart Worm Medicine/Flea Protection

Hello Everyone, I have a 10 year old Golden Retriever now and my Vet recommended I put her on Trifexis and Front Line plus simply because I live in a wooden area that and she allergic to flea saliva bites. I been using Trifexis for nearly two years now and its a Great Preventive against worms and that fleas may carry. The reason I have it a Two bar on Ease of Use is because she will not chew it I have to kinda break it down is sections for her just for her to eat it. Plus You have to give your pet a meal before giving this medicine to them or other wise it upsets the stomach and will cause them to throw up. Other then that its a great product! Only Reason it got a four star from me is because its not a easy chew tablets for my dog. But, if anyone was to ask me on what type of flea/heart medication to put there pet on I would tell them to do Trifexis and Front Line plus because you will get double the protection and the Front Line Plus will protect your pet from Ticks!!! by on 02/28/2013
Five months--so far, so good!

My 6 year-old male miniature poodle came home after several warm winter months in Florida with the first fleas of his life last year. We worked for months using several alternating brands of skin applications (one of which we had already been regularly using) trying to no avail to end the infestation. We sprayed, we had the house professionally fumigated and still had fleas. Finally, Trifexis quickly solved the problem. He always loved his heartworm pills, but these are so large he needs two tries to get them down. So far, no adverse reactions, no heartworms and no fleas! by on 02/25/2013

"Ease of use" hardly applies. My dogs run away when they get one whiff of this so-called "chewable" tablet. Even wrapped in a piece of chicken it takes numerous tries. As effective as this product is, I sure would like to see it made at least palatable . by on 02/22/2013
This product combines Heartworm & Flea meds.

I'm really grateful for Trifexis. I was giving my Chow 1 pill for Heartworms & 1 for Fleas, now I only give her 1 pill a month. It has cut my cost by about 25-30% every 6 months. The description reads that it's beef flavored and to give w/food but, she eats around it and I don't blame her. When I take it out of the package, it has a strong smell of dirt so, I let it sit out for a couple hours hoping it will help with the smell but it doesn't. I still let it sit out, but now I cut it into four pieces and give it to her in cheese. by on 02/16/2013
This product combines Heartworm & Flea meds.

I'm really grateful for Trifexis. I was giving my Chow 1 pill for Heartworms & 1 for Fleas, now I only give her 1 pill a month. It has cut my cost by about 25-30% every 6 months. The description reads that it's beef flavored and to give w/food but, she eats around it and I don't blame her. When I take it out of the package, it has a strong smell of dirt so, I let it sit out for a couple hours hoping it will help with the smell but it doesn't. I still let it sit out, but now I cut it into four pieces and give it to her in cheese. by on 02/16/2013
Beware of Side Effects

I initially liked the 3 in 1 aspect of this medication and the ease of giving a pill. However, my 25 pound wire fox terrier has to be forced to swallow it, even though it is supposed to be a chewable "treat". He has not had any fleas, but it does not prevent ticks. You are instructed to give this medication with food, but after several months of taking it no problem, my dog began vomiting within 30-40 minutes of swallowing the pill. He does not have a sensitive stomach otherwise. This medication is way to expensive for me to give to my dog and hope that he doesn't throw it up! This product may work great for others, but I'm afraid I"m going to have to try something new. by on 01/21/2013
What I saw concerned me

Hi. We recently adopted our dog and took her the very next day to Banfield. She was seen by some very loving people there and ordered Trifexis. She took it when it arrived in the mail a few days later. Nearly three weeks after taking it I noticed she has a small white worm in her droppings. Called the vet and you guessed it its tapeworm. Tapeworm is a biproduct of eating a flea. LIttle frustrated b/c she was on a medication I thought was protecting her against the infestor that gave her the parasite but I guess not. I wouldnt give a product that doesnt protect against what infects but I guess you learn the hard way. Hopefully this can help someone else. by on 01/17/2013
Mixed Review

I have 20 lb dog. Although Trifexis is advertised as chewable, my dog spits the pill out even when wrapped in pill pocket or cheese (he spits out after he eats the treat surrounding the pill). After he finally swallows it, he rubs his nose or back against the carpet and whines. That said we have not had any problems with fleas or heartworm which is the reason for taking it. When my dog had blood (and what looked like worms) in his stool, the vet assistance told me a dog can get worms even if taking Trifexis (or other brands), but on the day he takes the pill, it will kill off any worms in him. I see several reviews mention ticks, but the box does not say it repels or kills tick, so we use a second tick/flea medication when we go into tick country (and even then after two meds, the dog brings ticks to bed, but they are almost dead, so easy to pick off). The price for 6 months of Trifexis is almost as much as what we paid for 12 months of what Sentinel. Iโ€™m so disappointed Sentinel is no longer available. My dog had no problem swallowing the pill, it did not cause an itch, it worked great against the same pests, and it was so much cheaper. by on 01/04/2013
Who knows about effectiveness for heart worm? But bad for flea effectiveness.

I have to give as a pill to my Maltese. I was stunned to find active fleas on my pets in an environment known to have only mild flea problem. So do I trust its effectiveness on heart worm? It really concerns me on a problem much more serious than fleas? by on 12/16/2012
Works Wonderfully

We give our dog her pill each month with some peanut butter and she hasn't had any side effects at all. We only wish it covered ticks as well. by on 12/09/2012

Trifexis is GREAT! After months of trying everything (weekly flea baths, flea and tick prevention, constant vacuuming, even having our exterminating company fog the entire house and treat the yard), we were desperate. Trifexis started working almost immediately. We administered it to all three of our dogs of varying breeds, who range in weight from 35 to 85 pounds. They have not appeared to suffer any side effects, and we can finally relax in our house again! by on 11/07/2012

I have always been a Sentinel user for combo heartworm and flea prevention. I have 3 dogs, small,medium, and large. They all have tolerated Trifexis very well. by on 10/16/2012

Since using Trifexis with my 2 large breed dogs, I've not had a problem with fleas or ticks! They always test negative for heartworm! I like it also because it's a pill and doesn't leave a oily mess on them! by on 10/07/2012
Horse pill

Trifexis has been effective in killing fleas and ticks. However it doesn't repel them and my dog has nasty allergic reactions to the bites. The doctor had to remove a dead tick from under her skin. This has happened more than once. Although they are advertised as chewable, my dog spits them out and will only take them if forced to swallow it. It is an unpleasant experience for both of us every month. by on 09/28/2012

This is the best on the market for my springer. Not only for heart worms but my dog never has a flea problem and she is outside as much as she wants to be since she has invisible fencing and a doggie door. Very expensive but I wouldn't use anything else. by on 08/30/2012

I've been giving my dogs Trifexis for 4 months and throughout this hot summer I haven't seen a flea or tick on them. The only downside is the pill for the large dogs are so big and I have to crush it up and mix it in their food. It's the only way they'll take it. by on 08/16/2012
Great service :-)

Ordering has never been easier. I get my verification in an email that everything is handled with my vet and that my purchas is being shipped. Costs alot less then getting it from my vet. I will surely be buying again. :-) by on 08/13/2012
No happy

I started using Trifexis because it was an oral medication. My dog is an inside dog and only goes outside for short periods of time in his fenced in play area. I had no problems with fleas before switching to Trifexis, now my house is infested my husband and I both have flea bites and my dog has sores from scratching and biting himself. Trifexis does not repell fleas so the dog can carry them into your house. by on 08/06/2012

I am currently using Trifexis on my Beabull and right now I am picking fleas off of her. They are kind of coming to the surface, which is how I saw them and they are much easier to grab and kill because they seem lethargic. She is mostly an inside dog and it is making me crazy. I don't know whether to change treatments; she seems to tolerate the pill very well although I have noticed a change in her eating habits. I also know the bugs are bad right now with all of the heat and practically no winter to speak of. Things did not die off as they should. Not sure what to do about continuing the pill. by on 07/28/2012

Cooper did have a reaction on his first pill. He did throw up once and was lethargic the next day. We had been on sentinel for years so we will see how it works next month. by on 07/27/2012
Scary Reactions

I will never give this to any of my dogs ever again. I gave the first round to all 3 of my full grown boxers. My vet said they would all do well with the medication so I trusted it and him. My 2&1/2 y/o male boxer who has a known and treated heart condition became very lethargic the next morning to the point he could not stand up, he looked drunk/drugged in his e1, his e1 began rolling back in his head, his heart beat was faint and very slow, his gums were a very light pink/grey color and he by on 07/24/2012
Love Trifexis!

After using topical items for flea and tick control and not having great luck, we moved to oral medications, but had to use separate medications for flea/tick and heartworm. We love having them all combined in one pill now with trifexis. We have had zero problems with flea/tick control on our dog since we have been using Trifexis. by on 07/21/2012
Great Product

I have been using about six months and I just love this product ! It is the best product of it's kind on the market , in my opinion ! I recently took in a new dog who was eaten up with Fleas. The fleas were crawling all over him . I gave him a Trifexis and within an hour , all fleas were dead and gone. Plus it protects against other parasites and heartworms too. Great Product !!! by on 07/21/2012

I have a 9 year old Akita mix and she has been on Trifexis for approx. 2 yrs now. Never have we seen a flea on her or seen her scratching because of a flea. I have been a pet owner all my life and tried many prescribed and over-the-counter meds. This is the best by far. One suggestion - take with a full meal, not just a snack. My dog gets nauseous if not. I woul recommend this highly to anyone with a a pet that is sensitive to flea bites, because there won't be any. Definite rating 5 paws by on 06/29/2012

My dogs hate the taste of the med. I have to crush it and hide it in cheese. Sorry by on 05/17/2012
Second dog use

We've been using Trifexis for several years now. At no tme have we seen any fleas either on the dog or in the house - and this is the case also with ticks. We used to have to go to the vet to ahve a ringworm shot, but now, the vet's recommendation we're using Trifexes and it seems to take care of ringworm as well as fleas and ticks. We live in Atlanta and regualrly walk the dog in a large wooded county park down the road, and even so we have noticed n infestations. by on 08/25/2011
easy to use

very easy to use no reside great for two more dogs don't have worry by on 07/29/2011
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