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Options Available: Triad Retro Kit For Whisper 1,2 Or 3 Filters

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  • Works with TopFinn 60!!!!
    I was very disappointed when I found that the TopFin 60 that came with the tank I bought from craigslist didn't have biological filters, however, I noticed that when I looked online for a replacement filter that the new tetra filters looked exactly like the TopFinn, which went out of business. Upon further research I discovered that TopFinn had been bought out by Tetra, and Tetra had designed a biological filter to fit a small space in the TopFinn filter and continue making that model under a different name and brand to save money. That means that if you own a TopFinn with no bio filter, you're in luck! Just pop two of these bad boys in there and you're good to go! I put mine in only a few weeks ago, and already my tank cycling is almost completed! Thank you Tetra! by on 11/20/2013
  • Excellent
    Products are high quality, prices are comparable and I cannot say enough good things about customer service. My order got lost in shipping so I wrote them and had a replacement order in my hands within three days. by on 09/30/2013
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