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SpotBrites Laser Pet Toy is an exciting toy that provides hours of fun and entertainment for your pet. It comes with a holographic laser that displays 5 exciting laser images. It is easy to use and provides great exercise for your pet cats and dogs as they chase the laser beam. Measuring 2.5 inches, this one also includes 3 batteries and is available in different colors.... Read More


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The youngest of my three cats plays so intensely with his toys that he ALWAYS destroys them all...and EATS them! He has been known to digest feathers, twine, elastic...whatever he can manage to rip apart from the thing he is attacking. The only thing he ever wants to do is play. He would get so sad because there was nothing to play with...he would sit around and yowl, or worse, start attacking the other older cats. So I started searching for a toy that he couldn't destroy. THIS ONE IS THE ALL-TIME WINNER!!! If your cat has ever chased the beam of a flashlight or attacked the reflection of sunlight from your watch's faceplate, then they will LOVE LOVE LOVE this toy! I wasn't even sure if Tigger would play with it since I had never tried playing with him with a flashlight, but since the price is pretty reasonable, I decided it was worth a shot. I am SO GLAD I ordered it...I plan on ordering several more to have in different rooms of the house...and some for family and friends who have cats that love to play as well! ONE WARNING...Your cat may just love this toy so much that he/she won't find interest in any of his/her old toys again!!! by on 02/04/2006
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