Sporn Double Dog Leash - Black
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At a Glance
Walk two dogs of different sizes
Features a no-tangle design
Made with quality nylon webbing and nickle-plated steel

Sporn Double Dog Leash - Black

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At a Glance
Walk two dogs of different sizes
Features a no-tangle design
Made with quality nylon webbing and nickle-plated steel

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You walk your dogs together and are constantly untangling their leashes. The Double-Dog Leash is a totally adjustable dog leash for walking two dogs! You have the option of walking your dogs close together or far apart. Don't worry if you have a German Shepard and a Pomeranian, because the leash works with dogs of different sizes.
You can keep your dogs closer to you when your on crowded streets and give them more freedom to roam when you're in the park. The Double-Dog Leash straps are made of quality nylon webbing and all the parts are durable custom nickel-plated steel for reliable strength and reduced weathering. The Double-dog leash features a no-tangle design, and the patented Sporn Adjusti-Buckle.
  • Sporn Pet Brand
  • Leashes Accessories & Apparel
  • Love Wellness Philosophy
  • Black Color
  • Sporn Pet Manufacturer
  • Nylon Material
  • Medium Product Size
  • Small Breed Pet Size
  • Medium Breed Pet Size
  • Large Breed Pet Size
  • Dog Pet Type

What Is the Purpose of a Double Leash?

Dog parents with more than one dog are familiar with the problems of walking two or more dogs together. Unless your dogs are super trained to walk calmly, their leashes will almost always end up getting tangled up or cause awkwardness as both of your dogs decides to walk in different directions. A double leash is a simple solution to this common issue faced by dog parents. There are several kinds of double leashes available for the convenience of dog parents. There's the coupler that attaches one leash to the collars of two dogs at once or a swivel that attaches to two separate leashes. Whichever one you choose, the aim is to select a style that will give both your dogs ample room to move about without the leash getting tangled and offers good control over both dogs. While the double dog leash might require a little training for your dogs, it gets convenient in the long run as you can walk both your dogs comfortably without having to worry about their leashes and where they're going.

Are Double Dog Leads Good?

Yes, if you train your dogs to behave while on a double dog leash, they take out a lot of hassle for dog parents. Having to walk two dogs on separate leashes, every dog parent might have experienced a serious tangle at least once in their life. Additionally, it's also entirely possible that you had to deal with a situation where one dog stopped to explore something, and the other one decided to dash in the opposite direction. A double dog leash helps in controlling your dogs, impart some leash manner and also prevent tangles. However, it's best to select a double dog leash that would be comfortable for your dogs while walking. After all, walks are meant to be fun for dogs and should not feel like a punishment to them for the sake of your convenience.

How Do You Double Leash a Dog?

While double dog leashes are convenient for dog owners, there are several things to keep in mind while using a double dog leash. If you have a giant or large breed dog and a small breed dog, it's advisable to use separate leashes for both since a double dog leash will either pull down your giant dog or lift your small dog off the ground. Always ensure that both your dogs are of the same stature when you are opting for a double dog leash. Additionally, while picking a double dog leash, bear in mind that it's not comfortable for any dog to walk close to another dog. Walk time is when dogs need their space to explore their surroundings, do their natural business, and stretch their legs. It's not possible with another dog inches away from their face, even if they live together. Therefore, pick a double dog leash that gives ample space to both dogs. Dog parents can choose from a coupler that attaches two collars to one leash or a swivel to secure two separate leashes.

How Do You Train a Dog to Double Leash?

A saying goes that walking two dogs together can either be twice the fun or twice the challenge. If not properly trained, you can rest assured that it will always be a challenge especially, if you have two large and muscular dogs. One of the first considerations of training dogs to double leash is to ensure that both dogs get along very well and are individually leash trained. For this purpose, you can take your partner along or ask someone to accompany you for the walks, with each of you walking both dogs separately until they get used to the idea of having walks together. Moreover, basic commands like sit, wait, stop, and heel will also help you control your dogs better while walking them together.

What Is Double Leash Method?

The Double leash method, often confused with walking two dogs at once, is a training method developed by master animal trainer Brandon McMillan. The technique controls a dog's impulsive behavior by using two dog leashes attached to the collar and harness. The leash connected to the harness is called an anchor leash and is attached to a heavy object or a stake. The leash attached to the collar is called a guide leash and is used to control the movements of the dogs. This is an excellent method to teach your dog leash manners and control their movements. This method can also be used to teach various commands to your dogs.

How Do You Walk Two Big Dogs at Once?

The key to walking two big dogs is patience and practice. Big dogs are often aggressive and competitive during their walks, and having another dog accompany them amplifies this tendency. The first step towards training your dogs to walk together is to learn basic leash manners, including commands like wait and stop. Once you've trained both your dogs to walk calmly on a leash, you can then proceed to have them walk together but start slow, walk a short distance first and employ the help of a friend or partner to have them walk one dog while you walk another, side by side. Continue this practice until both your dogs are comfortable with each other's presence during walks; start walking them together with leash in separate hands first, then on a double leash.

What Is a Leash Splitter?

The leash splitter is one of the most common types of a double dog leash and is popularly known as the coupler. It has two short leashes connected to a ring in the middle. You attach one standard leash to the ring in the middle and two separate short leashes to the collars of each dog. This helps you walk two dogs together using a single leash.

Quality nylon webbing and nickel plated steel

Follow instructions on packaging to ensure your dogs are properly secured.

Sporn Double Dog Leash - Black is manufactured by Sporn Pet
Option UPC/SKU
Black 708443100799

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