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  • Best FUN!
    My cat loves to play with these! One pack is not enough, I'd get two! These squish flat if you step on one so no twisting your ankle or hurting your foot, no need to pick them up from walkways for safety. Super lightweight and soft, but keep their shape so they bounce GREAT, which is nice for jumping take-downs and chasing. They roll fast too, so stalking and pouncing is fun for kitty, and he can grab them at times using his claws, so his instincts get a great release. They bounce off windows and furniture without damage or noise, so you can bounce them hard or roll fast and they won't hurt the cat if they miss and it hits their nose either. He likes them better than the furry mice. He is 5 now, and has played with these over 3 years now. I replaced the first set when they finally got old like an old sponge, which took about 1 and 1/2 years, so they hold up a long time! I don't think they would be safe with dogs around though because they could easily be chewed or swallowed. I suggest cat homes only. by on 02/24/2018
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