Sphericon Football
Sphericon Football
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At a Glance
Perfect for interactive fun โ€“ catching, fetching, and tugging
Can also be used as a treat dispenser
Durable rubber construction

Sphericon Football

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At a Glance
Perfect for interactive fun โ€“ catching, fetching, and tugging
Can also be used as a treat dispenser
Durable rubber construction

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Add new dimensions of fun to your pet's playtime with this Sphericon Football. This multi purpose toy is a chillin' chewster, bouncer, fetch, tug, and treat ball all rolled into one! You can even hide treats inside! Sphericon football is available in three sizes: 5'', 6'' or 8''.
  • JW Pet Brand
  • Balls & Fetching Toys Toys
  • Love Wellness Philosophy
  • Balls Toys & Media Type
  • Petmate Manufacturer
  • Rubber Material
  • Dog Pet Type

Can a Dog Puncture a Football?

Yes, a dog can easily puncture an ordinary football. Unlike humans, dogs cannot play with their feet. They can toss or tug on the ball with their mouths only. And while doing so, they will likely bite hard on the football. Their powerful jaws and pointy teeth together can easily puncture the football. They can even puncture soccer balls. The rubber bladder in these balls cannot tolerate your dog's strong bite. If anything, the dog will enjoy chomping down on the football or soccer ball, which is why it is important that you give them a chew toy, or a football-shaped ball or dog toy that will not break so easily.

What Kind of Ball Is Best for Dogs?

Sphericon football is the best ball for dogs. It is made using durable rubber and comes in a variety of sizes. Hence, there is almost no chance that your dog will hurt itself while playing with this ball.

Is Playing Ball Bad for Dogs?

No, playing ball is not bad for dogs. Playing ball helps dogs work on their muscles. It helps build stamina and keeps them active. Plus, after a game of ball or fetch, your dog is bound to build up an appetite. It will feel healthy, relaxed, and will enjoy the game itself. Try not to overdo it, however, as repetitive throwing and catching might affect their muscles and cartilage, leading to micro-trauma. This could further lead to long-term damage, something you would want to avoid. Also, you should avoid playing on uneven surfaces so that the dog does not trip and hurt itself in any way.

Should You Throw a Ball for a Dog?

Yes, you can throw a ball for a dog. Balls love playing fetch, especially when they are doing it with their owners. Playing fetch with the ball allows your dog to get some exercise, and stay active and healthy. You should always use a ball that fits in their mouth but is too big for them to swallow. It will be even better if the ball is made of durable non-toxic rubber so that you do not have to worry about making your dog ill in any way.

How Long Should I Play Ball With My Dog?

You can play ball for up to 30 minutes with your dog. However, take breaks in between. It would be best if you play in bursts of 5-7 minutes and then continue after a quick break.

Are Rubber Balls Safe for Dogs?

Rubber balls are safe for dogs as long as they do not end up swallowing bits of the balls. In that case, the rubber can cause blockages in the intestinal tract of your dog. This may require surgery. However, you cannot stop your dog from chewing or biting on rubber balls. They enjoy chewing on these balls, and even biting through them, puncturing the skin and the ball's surface. You could always switch to a more durable rubber ball, like Sphericon Football. These dog toys are virtually indestructible. The shape is also similar to a regular football, and they come in various sizes too. So with these balls, your dog is bound to have a lot of fun, and you no longer need to worry about your dog swallowing toxic rubber material or biting through the ball.

What Size Ball Should My Dog Have?

The size of the ball your dog should have depends on its mouth size. Ideally, the ball needs to be small so that the dog can carry it in its mouth. However, it cannot be so small that the dog might accidentally swallow it. The ball should somewhat extend beyond your dog's jaws so that you can see it trapped between the jaws.

Durable rubber


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Sphericon Football is manufactured by Petmate
Option UPC/SKU
6" 618940431190
8" 618940431206

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My dog is a 35 lbs Australian Shepard and he didn't like it too much. It is a little too big for his taste. The quality was good.

Minnie recommends this item.
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My Girl's favorite

This is my girls second football and one her favorite outside toys - I leave it outside for her to play and since the hurricane I felt that the old one needed to go even though it was fine just crackled up and dirty. Just thought she needed a clean one.

Girla recommends this item.
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Durable and Fun!

My dog loves this toy. She prances around squishing it in her mouth and loves the challenge of getting out the stuffed treats.

Large_dog_owner recommends this item.
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