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Add new dimensions of fun to your pet's playtime with this Sphericon Football. This multi purpose toy is a chillin' chewster, bouncer, fetch, tug, and treat ball all rolled into one! You can even hide treats inside! Sphericon football is available in three sizes: 5'', 6'' or 8''.... Read More



Rated 5 out of 5 by 3 reviewers.


My dog is a 35 lbs Australian Shepard and he didn't like it too much. It is a little too big for his taste. The quality was good. by on 04/25/2019
My Girl's favorite

This is my girls second football and one her favorite outside toys - I leave it outside for her to play and since the hurricane I felt that the old one needed to go even though it was fine just crackled up and dirty. Just thought she needed a clean one. by on 08/20/2013
Durable and Fun!

My dog loves this toy. She prances around squishing it in her mouth and loves the challenge of getting out the stuffed treats. by on 11/25/2007
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