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Sojos Complete Dog Food

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 1 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5by SOJO FREEZE DRIED DOG FOOD 8# bag (Turkey)I have had my best friend (my greyhound, Frankie) on Sojo's since I brought her home from our local greyhound rescue almost 4 years ago. I researched more dog food brands than I care to remember. I am disabled and Frankie is not only my best friend, but she is also my therapy dog. I don't know how I got along without her in my life. I always think it's ironic when people say they "rescued" their dog from a shelter or pound etc. I truly believe it is the other way around. But, I digress. I wanted a dog food with as few recalls as possible, that had a 4.5 to 5 star rating and would also agree with Frankie's own personal chemistry. She also needed to LOVE the taste. I found ALL these requirements with SOJO dog food. I had also been mixing Orijen into her Sojo's, (which also fit most requirements) but, found it to be too rich for her system. I also add pumpkin and melatonin to her meals as she is what is considered a "spooky" greyhound. (She suffers terrible anxiety and is terrified of just about everyone and everything.) I have had good results with melatonin for both those problems and a bit higher dose for the hours she sleeps at night. I love the SOJO'S dog food and it is very simple to make. Just add water and whatever else you choose for extras. I am going to start adding a bit of organ meat now that I can afford to. Having the pet plus membership is as if the universe sent us a wonderful and much needed gift! I am a firm believer in doing all you can for your animal companions. It has become (sadly) a world in which only those with high incomes can afford to have pets. Being on disability kept me from having a friend like Frankie in my life for years. I would not adopt until I was positive I could afford to have a dog AND all that goes along financially with such a huge responsibility. Too many people have pets but, do not care for them or come close to meeting the needs every animal needs. Just food alone was costing me $200.00 per every six weeks. Having her teeth cleaned (she needed to be anesthetized) was $800.00 plus. That, my friends is my MONTHLY income! Then there are flea and tick medications. It goes on and on. I know this is a long review but, I can not begin to thank PetCareRx for all they have done for us. This seems to me to be a company that TRULY CARES about not only my fur friend, but, for ME as a human being. I think having the membership program is not only a brilliant business idea but, a way to take some of the financial stress of of their customers. I have searched many sites for better prices since I first adopted Frankie. The cost of food and medication was unbelievable until finding PCRx. I am saving $20.00 PER BAG on her SOJO'S and could not believe how (MORE) than affordable the tri-heart plus was to purchase, especially with the members plan. I not only HIGHLY recommend SOJO'S dog food, which keeps my gal fit, always happy with her every meal and gives her a gorgeous shiny coat with only one bowel movement a day (on average) BUT, I HIGHLY recommend PetCareRx and the wonderful and caring customer service this company hired to help those of us who love and deeply care for our animal friends. I love this company and am SO grateful to be part of member's plus. It is saving me money and giving me peace of mind. I wish other companies would follow PCRx's lead and hope this company is around for a very, very long time. Thank you to everyone who has gone the extra mile to make our lives better. I can honestly say, PCRx is THE BEST company I do business with, online or any where else. PLEASE don't change! Gratefully - Booradlee and Frankie 06/23/2018
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