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Snoozzy Beds provide both comfort and versatility. The soft fleece with its built-in insulation will keep your pet warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Snoozzy Beds are machine washable and dryable.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 29 reviewers.

Great Bed and the Monogramming was terrific
The cat(s) love this bed... It was the perfect size for their cuddle space by on 02/19/2021
Great bed
The cat loves this bed. The monogramming is top notch! Thank you! by on 12/15/2020
Not for dogs that like to dig
My senior mini dachshund is a typical digger and within an hour of her having this the bed was already loosing its fluff in large quantities. Attached is the picture of the same day getting the bed. Currently, after her using it for about 2-3 months, there is a huge bare spot on the bed where it has basically lost all of its fluff. Overall, I would not recommend this for a dog that normally is a digger when they are on their bed. by on 11/06/2018
Not what is mentioned
This product is very dog is sleeping on floor. The Monogram is cheap. They will not take it back if you do not like. by on 02/01/2016
Substantial bedding
Although I have not tried washing yet, this appears to be an excellent bed. It is very substantial and looks quite comfy.Very pleased with the price and quality. by on 10/17/2013
Size of Dog Beds
I would like to know if the size 18X14 would be to small for my 10lb Pekingese. She likes to stretch out and curl up. Also I would like to know if size 25"X20" 1 would be much to big for her size if she is stretched out and for a small room.. Thank You by on 08/13/2011
size of bed for 120lb American Bulldog
Needs to be tough, durable, but soft cuddly and comfortable. He sleeps in my king size bed with me. I am trying to get him in his own bed by on 03/24/2011
He Just Didnt Like It
Hmmm, I bought this bed because all the reviews said it was great. My Silky just didnt like it. He usually paws at the area where he is going to sleep, as soon as he did it to this bed I had fuzzy white bedding deattaching from the bed. I also washed it once and it just became flimsy after. Orginally when I took it out of the box it really did not look comfy, there isnt enough padding for comfort. by on 04/04/2010
Snoozy Beds
12 out of 12 cats I have bought these for, just LOVE these beds. A great gift for your " cat owner " friend. The monogram adds such a special touch. by on 05/17/2008
Excellent bed
My dog feel in love with it right out of the box! Well worth the $ and the monogram is an added bonus! by on 11/30/2007
Wonderful bed!
My 13 year old Samoyed has never slept in a bed, but I ordered this for her recently. We were moving and I wanted her to have something to sit on for the car ride and HOPED that she might sleep on it after we arrived. She has been so happy with the bed that she automatically goes to it whenever she needs to lie down. That has made me very happy too! by on 11/20/2007
Ideal Bed
This is about the fourth one I order for different pets. You can put it in the washer and dryer and it's still in good shape. My pets love their bed. by on 11/05/2007
great bed
my GSD snuggled right down on this new bed right out of the box. She loves it and knows it's hers.GREAT product! by on 10/09/2007
We bought one for our little dog, and ended up having to buy another because our other little pug loved it also. So now we have two. And its great to be able to wash it and dry it so easly. Its a little on the thin side, but soft enough that they love to lounge and sleep in the beds. And the monograming makes it so cute. by on 09/04/2007
Rate highly for a teacup poodle to sleep on.
The small size is just right for the teacup poodle to sleep on. by on 07/31/2007
My dog loves chewing on everything but this. and he's a puppy! when it was delivered to our house, i thought shadow would chew it all up right away, but he didn't! that is why i named it a miracle bed, because it was a mircle he didn't start chewing it up. and then one day he was sleeping upstairs on the couch, so the door to downstairs was open since he was sleeping. i was just watching him sleep and all of a sudden he woke up! he went downstairs so i followed him cause i thought he was going to the laundry room, but he didn't. he was going to his kennel to get his bed! then he went back upstairs with it and automatically put it down in front of the couch and started sleeping on it right away.that bed is making my dog change his personality sure is a miracle bed. by on 06/08/2007
My Cats loved the Snoozzy Bed!!
I have ordered other pet beds for my 2 cats on previous occasions and they never gave them a second look. Until the Snoozzy bed came along. When I took it out of the package and put it on the floor, my one cat Felix went right to it and claimed it for himself. The funny thing is that his name was personalized on the bed and he went right to the one that said "Felix". Can they really read? I don't think so but it was kind of funny! My other cat, Tarzan is usually pretty finicky but when I gave him the other Snoozzy bed, of course with a heating pad underneath(Do you think I spoil them?) he loved it as well. I don't know what it is about these beds but I can't say enough about them. Thank you PetCareRx for carrying them. by on 02/08/2006
Almost to good
I got one bed to try - which the oldest dog quickly took over. Now I need to buy 3 more - and if my future son in law has any say - one more for him as they look so comfortable. The wash up like a dream and the dogs love it. by on 01/22/2006
The Bed My Dog totes...
1 my Dachshund moves her bed from room to room...Where ever I'm at for a long peroid of time..She takes it from her crate and drags it to the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and gets in..Hee Hee..She loves it, and so do I..Really like the idea of Machine Washable...Been washed many times and thrown in dryer, Holds up well...So I must give this product 5 stars ***** by on 01/05/2006
Moochie loves it!
Last year I bought my cat Moochie a personalized snoozy -- she LOVES it. No matter where in the house we put it -- she'll find it and curl up in it (that is, when she's not under our covers by our feet). by on 01/05/2006
Oopsie Snoozzy
I also order the snoozzy bed. Although I ordered the wrong size, my dog, Leo curls up in it and when he is just relaxing, you can see his head hanging over the side. Since its soft, the size seems to be no big deal. by on 01/02/2006
Snoozy Bed
my puppy loves her snoozy bed, her name is LuLu, she thinks sheis really special now. by on 11/10/2005
Otto loves it!
I barely had my new snoozy bed out of the box before my cat, Otto, jumped in for a quick snooze. He spends much of his nap time curled up in his own Otto Snozzy bed! I love the monogramming! by on 08/09/2005
My cat loves her Snoozzy Bed. I built a house for her and placed her Snoozzy Bed in an area that no one can get to. Of course, she loves this because when she plays she'll just run to that part of her house and mock me. She sleeps VERY WELL on the Snoozy Bed. I would definitely recommend the Snoozzy Bed. by on 06/08/2005
Great as an add-on for a window perch
I purchased this for my cat "Quill" as he usually likes to lay on our bathtub step-out mat. Well, while doing laundry, I had set the Snoozzy Bed on top of his window perch [until I was ready to wash it.] Wouldn't you know, he decided to settle inside the Snoozzy Bed and I've haven't moved it since(except to wash it, of course!!) by on 05/31/2005
sweeties bed
my cat fell in love with her bed instantly and spends most of her inactive times in it. these are great products- highly reccommended for all lovers of these things we call cats. by on 04/17/2005
My Cats fight over it!
I thought that I would just get my cat Merlin one since he is very picky about where he sleeps. He loves it so much that when my other kitty Dobby tries to sleep in it Merlin gets mad and chases him out. So I am placing an order for another kitty bed for Dobby. This way they can be happy and there will be no fighting.Now,if If I can just teach them how to read thier names...........Any suggestions? by on 04/10/2005
Cat loved it
I got the snoozy bed home and my 9 year old calico hardly got out of it. She loved it. . by on 01/05/2005
Love this bed
I've had the Snoozzy bed for over a year now and my dog Dudley loves it. I know that whenever I can't find him, he is asleep in his favorite bed. I just had to order a new one so I can keep one upstairs and one downstairs in my house. by on 12/30/2004