Skinneez Plush Squirrel Dog Toy
Skinneez Plush Squirrel Dog Toy
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Stuffing free
Has 2 squeakers
Realistic design

Skinneez Plush Squirrel Dog Toy

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At a Glance
Stuffing free
Has 2 squeakers
Realistic design

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Bring out your dogs natural hunting instinct with this Squirrel dog toy from Skinneez. Dogs will enjoy hours of entertainment flip flopping our stuffing free Skinneez toys. All Skinneez toys have 2 squeakers. 1 in the head and 1 in the tail for double the fun.
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Are Plush Toys Bad for Dogs?

For dogs, toys and plushies are not a luxury as much as they are a necessity. Toys serve multiple purposes for your dog, including satiating their prey instinct, provide comfort when anxious, help fight boredom when alone, and even prevent some behavioural issues. While it's a must for dogs to have toys, all toys are not for all dogs. To pick a safe toy for your dog, consider your dog's size, activity level and preferences. There are dog-proof toys designed for all ages and sizes designed based on the safety of the dog. Dog toys are machine-washable to maintain hygiene and have sturdy seaming.

What Toys Should You Not Give a Puppy?

Dogs are known to have an innate desire to chew on things, and most often, they don't pick the best things to chew on. For this reason, pet parents are constantly looking for the next chew toy or chew that their feline friend will love. However, not all dogs chew or chew toys are safe or ideal for your puppy or dog. Popular dog chews like rawhide or any other kind of bones, cow hooves, elk or deer antler, nylabones or nylon chew bones, and other stuff with dyes and fillers in it. To decide what toy not to give your dog, check if the toy is not too hard or too soft to cause any damage, should not have a coating of artificial flavouring, shouldn't have a design that'll choke or get stuck on your dog's muzzle or tongue, and should be washable for hygiene.

Should I Let My Dog Destroy Toys?

For many pet parents, it's a cause of grief to see their pet dog destroying the toys they provide. However, be aware that it's entirely normal for your dog to be destroying the toys, which may indicate that it enjoys playing with the toy a bit too much. Some of the other reasons might be boredom, natural hunting instinct, and simple enjoyment. While it's okay to let your pet go crazy with the toy but only under supervision. This ensures that your dog doesn't ingest or choke on the stuffing or smaller pieces of the toy. Moreover, invest in toys that will be safe for your dogs to play with and are not easily destroyed, like Kong toys and dog rope toys.

How Often Should a Dog Get a New Toy?

There's no hard and fast rule to replace your dog's toy and get a new toy for it to play with. One of the most common rules is to replace them as soon as they start showing signs of wear and tear. It could be ripping seams or spilling stuffing for soft toys or breaking pieces and falling pieces for hard toys. This is to ensure that no unwanted or indigestible parts are ingested, which might cause GI issues. Besides throwing out or replacing old toys, pet parents should also ensure that existing toys are clean and well maintained. Ensure that the toys you pick are washable and sanitize them with warm water at least once a month. Once you see the toy falling apart, it's time to get a new one for your pet.

What Is the Safest Thing For a Dog to Chew On?

Before answering this question, know that there's no one-size-fits-all, universal dog chew for every dog. Pet parents must consider the health conditions, breed, age, and other conditions of the dog before deciding what the best chew toy for the dog could be. For example, in the case of obese or sensitive dogs, stick to non-edible toys and stay away from what could worsen the situation, like cheese blocks and treats. Healthy dogs have different temperaments, and it would be best to try several toys before realizing what works the best for your dog.

Do Dogs Know When They Get a New Toy?

Dogs are super intuitive and know when something new that's meant for them is handed to them. Dogs understand their owner's reactions, and when you're excited, they can gauge that the item being given to them is meant for them. You'll notice your dog shaking its entire body and jump in excitement to grab the toy from you. In many cases, dogs cry when they receive a new toy to show their joy and happiness.

Why Does My Dog Grab a Toy When I Come Home?

Dogs are interactive animals, which means they enjoy spending time with their pet parents and playing with you. When you are away from home for longer hours, your dog probably snoozes away all day, anticipating your return. That's why, when you return home, it becomes the highlight of their day, and they grab a toy to welcome you and have the much-awaited playtime with you. This gesture is your dog's way of saying, 'come, let's play.'

Why Does My Dog Put His Toy in My Face?

There are several reasons for your dog to shove its toy in your face. The two most common reasons are trying to get your attention and indicating the desire to play. Moreover, this is also a dog's way to tell you it's happy, consider you an alpha, thinks that you want to play as well, and get you to buy new toys.

Supervised use recommended. Replace, if damaged.

Skinneez Plush Squirrel Dog Toy is manufactured by Ethical Pet
Option UPC/SKU
Spot Skinneeez Plsh Sqirl 23" 077234055557
Spot Skinneeez Plsh Squir Mini 077234054994
Spot Skinneeez Plsh Squirl 24" 077234053683
Spot Skinneeez Plsh Squl Min 077234055748

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