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Find your dog has a thing for skunks, but don't really feel like having the resulting skunks smell in your home? That's no longer a problem! Bring out your dogs natural hunting instinct with the Skinneeez Plush Skunk. They will enjoy hours of entertainment, flip flopping this stuffing free Skinneeez toy. All Skinneez toys have 2 squeakers: 1 in the head and 1 in the tail for double the fun.... Read More


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Pleasantly surprised!

My girl is a pit bull with a bit of a destructive streak when it comes to toys, The only thing I buy her to play with are frisbees and tug/rope toys because she tears everything else up. I decided to try this because she likes to steal socks and walk around with them. I was pleasantly surprised. She has been playing with this toy for about a month and it is still intact. Yay! by on 07/02/2011
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