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I've used this product for 8 years now with great success. I tried switching to another product once, but came right back to using this one. IT WORKS! by on 07/04/2007
Excellent Product

Have used this product now with 2 different dogs and has been very successful with both!! by on 07/02/2007
Program Component Superlative

The Sentinal Product is the combination of two very effective products, Program for fleas and ticks and Interceptor for Heartworm. I have used Program for 15 years on several dogs, and it eliminates fleas. My dogs live outside 100% of the time in Florida, and they do not have fleas. Zero! There is nothing like it on the market. It steralizes fles so they cannot reproduce, and effectively eliminates fleas. They never come back once eliminiated. By buying Sentinal, you save money over buying both a heartworm and Flea/Tick protector separately.I would not use any other product. by on 05/02/2007
A great product

I use to work at a vet clinic, we highly recommended this product. I love the heartworm prevention and flea prevention all in one. by on 05/02/2007
Works better than Advantage and Heartguard, which must be taken together. Sentinel is an all-in-one,

I really like that it protects against not only the different types of worms, but also fleas and ticks. It truly does work and my dogs take it without us having to conceal it in cheese. by on 04/17/2007
Sentinel comes highly recommended by our Vet.

I would not trust anything else as we live in the country and love our big Labradoodle puppy. What makes it special is that it keeps the fleas off and prevents heartworm and hookworm. We feel very comfortable that our best friend is protected. by on 04/02/2007
Sentinel for Life - one pill a month

I like the ease of the product. One pill for heartworm and flea control one time and month. Investigate. It's worth it. by on 04/02/2007
Flea free

This product has done exactly what it claims. My dogs are flealess and heart worm free. by on 03/24/2007
No fleas on my dog

I have a Pembroke Corgi that is now 9 mos. old. He has taken Flavor Tabs for 6 mos. and has done very well. I put a little peanut butter on the pill and feed it to him with my finger. I really like the idea of not using flea soap or a flea collar on him because my grand kids play with him a lot. by on 03/08/2007
They're Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

We love our dog Frankie very much. At times I think that I and my children adore him. Frankie has his own carriage, toys and a beautiful coat/sweater to keep him warm. We want to keep him healthy because we want him to live for many many years. Sentinel keeps him healthy, and gives Frankie a beatiful shine for his coat. by on 12/25/2005
Wonderful results

We have two dogs and both have been on Sentinel for many years. Never have we had any problems with fleas, worms, etc. by on 09/23/2005

My dog has not had any undesirable side effects. *This a prescription item by on 06/11/2005
Great Stuff!

We tried the using the flea prevention via prescription (both brands) that you put on their neck and a heartworm rx that they swallow. The problem was the flea medication! It was messy and the fleas always came back within a matter of a month or so. Sentinel combines both medicines. It is an easy pill for the dog to take, and we have yet to see a single flea since starting regularly using this. We love it! And, PetCareRx is half what the vet would charge!*This is a prescription item by on 05/16/2005
Sentinel Flavor Tabs-Pricey but Potent

We have tried just about any heartworm and flea medicine for our dogs over the years, only to be turned away by the taste or the smell and mess. Not so with Sentinel! THese tasty tabs tantilize our little pooches with a desireable flavor and entice us with NO FUSS. By now, with the experience of our kids and ourselves, we recommend the use of this product for anyone wanting the ease and desirablity of an oral approach to thwarting these pet pests once and for all. *This is a prescription Drug by on 01/13/2005
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