Image of Sentinel Flavor Tabs for Dogs

A tasty, chewable tablet, Sentinel Flavor Tabs for Dogs make it easy to keep your dog protected against fleas and other parasites, including heartworm, for a month.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 231 reviewers.

One pill for all!
This product is great. Even my picky Old man Cavalier will take these! Beagle snarfs the up and Irish Setter daintily takes and chews. No fights, no ticks, no heartworms AND very affordable! by on 06/20/2024
Great product
I recommend this product to keep pets safe by on 04/11/2024
I love the 3 in one formula. by on 03/12/2024
Does the job and keeps my dog safe by on 11/27/2023
So Happy with PetCareRx
Great customer service, great shipping speed and prices. by on 10/14/2023
No problems and keeps my pup protected by on 10/08/2023
My dog loves it
Meggie eats it like a treat. by on 07/18/2023
Excellent service
Excellent service and great product! by on 04/07/2023
Works well
My dog has been taking Sentinel for her entire life, 10 years, and I have never had an issue. She gobbles it down and it protects her very well. by on 12/01/2022
Always good customer service!
Good prices on Rx. by on 08/25/2022
Works great
Works great for my dog who cannot do topical by on 07/22/2022
Cheaper than vet by on 06/18/2022
Sentinel great!
Our goldendoodle has taken sentinel once a month since we brought her home and has never had any issues with fleas or ticks! by on 02/03/2022
Rating on sentinel
It seems to work great. My dog never has fleas or ticks and heart worm tests are always negative by on 09/18/2021
Reliable product
Iโ€™ve used this for my dogs for years. It works great against worms, ticks and fleas. No side effects that I have observed. Will continue to order. by on 07/30/2021
Excellent works great! by on 07/22/2021
Awesome Product
This product is the only one we have ever used for our dogs! by on 07/13/2021
We have used Sentinel for our Jack Russells for over 25 years. We have found this is the safest form of heart worm and flea/tick for this breed. We have had no side effects that our Veterinarians could find on labs and check ups. by on 02/12/2021
Otis loves it
Great deal and works by on 11/16/2020
Best price for meds
I keep coming back because I can't find a better price elsewhere. by on 10/19/2020
Switching Back to Trifexis
I tried Sentinel to save a little money and will be switching back to Trifexis. Sentinel seemed to work fine at first, but the last couple of doses have still resulted in fleas on my pup. Never had that issue with Trifexis, even in the summer months. by on 08/25/2020
Great Product
This is a great product for fleas and ticks and heat worm... by on 08/20/2020
Great Product
Great Product and keeps vets safe from ticks and heart worm... by on 07/28/2020
Fast service, good price
Works great, no side effects . by on 07/07/2020
Excellent product - quick delivery. by on 07/05/2020
Great Product
Great Product at a great price and fast service. by on 07/01/2020
Fast efficient delivery and price!
Fast efficient delivery and price! by on 06/02/2020
Product Works Well
I've been using Sentinel for years. This product works well and there don't seem to be side effects by on 04/10/2020
Very satisified
Much better pricing than at the vet's office and the customer service is great. by on 03/01/2020
Good Product
I have been using this for years it is a good product. by on 11/22/2019
good stuff
its good stuff! by on 11/13/2019
Best flea prevention
Sentenial keeps my home flea free, and that is a must! by on 10/28/2019
Love your prices, speed in filling orders and confidence in your company!!
Love everything about your site! Have been a customer now for two years!! by on 10/03/2019
I have 5 of my dogs on Sentinel, so far so good!!! I find it a good value, now it does not kill tapeworms, however keep fleas off your dogs then it's not a problem...I use Frontline Plus in conjunction with the Sentinel. by on 09/03/2019
Trust Sentinelea
I have been using Sentinel for my dogs for as long as I can remember, 14 years for my current dog and around 11 years for my previous dog; and I trust it COMPLETELY. Never had any issue with heart worm and it seems to take care of intestinal worms that my dog gets sometimes when he drinks water from the stream where we walk. Never would consider switching to another brand by on 08/22/2019
Fast, Reliable and well priced
Ordered sentinel for our lab, they handled everything with the vet and it shipped quickly. by on 06/16/2019
Great Product
I have been using Sentinel for my two small dogs for years, always heartworm free at their yearly test. The tablets are small,so they are easily hidden inside a treat. Never have a problem getting the medication down my two picky pooches. Another thing I really appreciate about Sentinel is that it also protects against fleas. Never have had an issue with fleas, no additional products needed. PetCareRX has the best price, and fast shipping! by on 05/28/2019
Our vet recommended instead of topical. Both our dogs eat tabs without any issues, eating it with their dog food ust like it's another tasty morsel. And it certainly is effective. by on 05/15/2019
Sentinel Savings
The Sentinel price was the lowest I've ever seen and the product is excellent soother is really nothing else to be said. by on 04/11/2019
Not easy to give. Have to use pill cover and that increases price. by on 04/05/2019
I have three dogs and the price is VERY REASONABLE by on 04/04/2019
Great Product!
My 3 Year old Yellow Lab doesnโ€™t have any issues eating these. She thinks theyโ€™re a treat lol. by on 03/02/2019
This is an excellent site
The representatives at Pet Care RX ,com were thoughtful and timeley with this order. The order was correct, and shipped promptly. I will recommend this site to all. Thank you so much. Richard Crouse by on 03/02/2019
Great Price
Great price and quick shipping by on 02/25/2019
Works great for us
We use this for both of our dogs, and have had no issues with fleas. It's a better option for us economically, and we like buying 12 months at a time. by on 02/05/2019
Sentinel for dogs
I use Sentinel because it show safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. I find it very effective for flees. I have never found flees to be a problem, even with 4 golden retrievers. by on 01/19/2019
Good for my pup!
She thinks that she is a treat while taking this medicine. She says she wants more of this. by on 01/09/2019
Great Prices
One pill does all great to use and dogs love it. by on 12/29/2018
flea meds work
use them. otherwise you will have a house of fleas... by on 11/06/2018
My dog never had fleas, until I switched to Sentinel
I had been using Trifexis on all of my dogs. For the past few months, I've been using Sentinel instead, since Trifexis is just not in my budget. While I can't tell a difference on my two black dogs, my white dog has been having visible fleas all the time. Since Sentinel only kills flea's eggs and not adult fleas, we started having a flea issue in the house for the first time, since we've had these dogs. We live a warm state with long, warm summers and fall, so I'm thinking Sentinel isn't going to cut it for us. by on 10/09/2018
Does the job
My pupper finds this pill easiest to eat, and does not throw it up later like others we have tried. by on 08/27/2018
Sentinel works great!!
I take my dog to the dog beach and dog parks so he is exposed to many parasites but he remains parasite free. Sentinel works great! by on 08/11/2018
great product
my dog takes this without difficulty. easy to give and very effective! by on 08/08/2018
You have to presume it will work. by on 07/17/2018
Sentinel..Is A Big No No
I've been using Comfortis and Trifexis for years and never had an issue. I decided to save a few dollars by switching to Sentinel, since it was compared to Trifexis...worst mistake ever. Seems like the fleas are attracted to my dog even more. I will never buy this stuff again. Will be switching back to what I know works. Comfortis or Trifexis. by on 07/03/2018
Sentinel Works for Fleas
I have been using Sentinel for years for my pugs and have not had any problems with fleas. Two years ago I switched to Seresto flea collar that was suppose to work for 8 months and within 5 months all my dogs had fleas. I have switched back to Sentinel and also use Frontline Plus during the summer months. by on 06/08/2018
So Easy and Convenient
Purchased my heartworm meds for my 5 Chihuahuas from PetCare RX. The service is perfect for me. Easy order, they contact my vet for approval, great communications regarding status of my orders. Love that I can pay with Paypal! Will continue to use this petmed pharmacy! Thank you PetCareRX!! by on 05/26/2018
does its job
so far works well for my dog, no fleas or ticks despite walking and running in wooded areas. by on 05/14/2018
Nothing bad to say about this product. Ive been using it since my boys were puppies. by on 05/10/2018
I have been using Sentinel for two years , Its effective and Max doesn't mind it. I break it in half and he chews the tablet. I used to have a terrible time with Trifexis for my previous pup, a German Shepherd . Horrible taste and smell. by on 05/08/2018
great protection
Sentinal is great for flea and heart worm protection. My dog has been on this for over a year now, and just had vet visit and negative for heart worm. this medicine has proven it works, no fleas ever. by on 04/20/2018
New Product
I like 2 in 1..Heartworm and Fleas by on 03/28/2018
Sentinel for Dogs
We have used this for years for our dog. She likes the chewable tablet and it has been very effective. by on 03/25/2018
Always Senintel...
...for all our dogs going back decades! by on 02/22/2018
Great for all 4 dogs we have
So nice with long hair dogs (4 of them) to do an oral pill for everything vs topical. Easy to remember to give once a month. No fleas in our house with them all on the meds. by on 01/31/2018
Great for medication sensitive Dog's.
So far so good. Been using this for years. This is much more tolerable for Dog's with heart-worm, etc. med. sensitivity's which my Dog has. by on 12/20/2017
Easy Treatment
We've been using Sentinel for our dog, Boone, for the aspt four years and it works well. Boone eats it without a problem. All annual heartworm tests have been negative so the product works. by on 07/02/2016
Awesome Customer Service
Great for your Pet and I thank Petcarerx for the great customer service every time I do an order! by on 07/01/2016
Very effective, no side effects.
we've used this product for many years, very satified. GREAT price. by on 07/01/2016
Fast shipping, good price for a heartworm preventative
We have been using Sentinel for a few years now and PetRx saved us quite a bit this year. This keeps our dogs healthy and heartworm free and is incredibly convenient to order online with renewal with the PetPlus program. My dogs eat this like a treat - no bread or peanut butter or anything like that needed. They have been flea-free their whole lives so I don't know if that is our yard being well kept or if it is due to the Sentinel. Same for heartworm - this monthly treatment appears to have kept them healthy. They have no side effects whatsoever when taking this product. This product - even though some think it takes care of Ticks, it does not. If you want tick prevention, you have to get another product. Our veterinarian also explained that it does not kill adult fleas, it only kills flea eggs and prevents them growing on the dog in the fur, so if you have outdoor pets or they run in unmowed fields, etc, you might want something that keeps the adult fleas off of them as well. But for us, this is all we need. PetRx delivered this to us fast and with no hassles. Thanks! by on 06/23/2016
Using Sentinel for years with excellent results.
We are very happy with this product. Been using Sentinel for many years for our dog. by on 06/10/2016
Not effective for my pets
I don't think this product had enough ingredients to keep fleas from attacking my two dogs. We fed them the products per the directions. We've since requested and are still waiting to receive a dose of Capstar to see if that can improve their condition. by on 05/26/2016
Worry free for another year
When we bought our home we discovered that a previous owner had lost a dog due to Heartworm. We sure do not want to repeat that have to be diligent about a preventative. Sentinel is perfect for that and PetCare had by far the best price! by on 05/26/2016
Great product
Great product as it combines flea and heartworm into one pill. However, my dog does not like these and I have to give it to her with some peanut butter. This has not been an issue with other pills. by on 05/02/2016
this product works really good
the prices are excellent and the product works great! by on 03/28/2016
I have been using this product for about 3 years. He is 9 years old and is running around like a puppy. Love this product! by on 02/05/2016
Does not kill adult fleas
I would not recommend this to anyone who thinks their dog might come into contact with fleas. This product does nothing to fend against adult fleas so you will have to invest in other products to treat them. It is cheaper for now a very apparent reason... by on 01/25/2016
Great product have used it for years
I got everything I was promised price delivery 100% what I wanted great company thank you so much by on 12/25/2015
Great Heartworm Preventive
Loves this because it also has a flea repellent so in fall/winter we can skip the Frontline with no worries of any fleas! by on 12/22/2015
Great doing businees with you.
You communicated with the vet to get the prescription, sent the prescription quickly, and made the whole transaction very easy. I enjoy working with you. by on 12/16/2015
Keeps away the bugs.
I have been giving this to my dogs for about 3 years. Every time the heartworm test comes due, the veterinarian has yet to find any critters in my dogs blood. It is doing exactly what I would hope it would do. by on 11/23/2015
No fleas!
We were using Comfortis but a friend recommended Sentinel instead. When we learned that Sentinel was cheaper than Comfortis, we were interested. But the fact that it not only took care of fleas & ticks but also worms, we were sold. We have not had one flea since beginning the treatment! by on 11/08/2015
Sentinel Rocks
I have been giving all three of my dogs Sentinel for years. It is an affordable, convenient & effective product. I highly recommend it. by on 11/06/2015
The company was fine. They contacted my vet, process was easy. The bad part is now I'm getting email daily....annoying. when I want to buy more, I'll let you know. by on 10/19/2015
Excellent Product
This is an excellent product and the only one that does not upset my dogs stomach, give it a try you will not be disapointed. Ask your vet! by on 10/17/2015
good product excellent price
just started sentinel to early to tell effectiveness.Everything else about transaction was excellent by on 09/26/2015
We are happy with the Sentinel product. We used to use another brand, without good results. Sentinel works for our dog? by on 09/17/2015
Great Product
I have always liked this product. It works well and is easy to use. And the dog likes it! by on 08/10/2015
I have been using this product for many years and have always been happy with it. by on 07/25/2015
Great effective product
Easy to dispense to your pet. Double flea and tick protection when given with food, when also using a flea and tick med. highly recommend this product. by on 07/06/2015
Best for our dog
So glad to have Sentinel back on the market. It has been a long time waiting. Our oldest dog who is 10 was on it since his birth. All of our past dogs and present it seems this is the only easy pill to give and works wonders with no problems. No side affects and no worries. We started using this pill back while we lived in NJ and now in Texas. by on 07/04/2015
Worked for my allergic to bug bite dog
this pill works. It significantly helped my yorkie not get bitten from all the bugs in Florida, where we live. He never scratches air bites his skin anymore. Changed our lives.Highly recommended. by on 06/10/2015
We have 4 scotties-the sentinel is well tolerated! No side effects---which we had with another well known comparable product by on 06/08/2015
Wonderful product!
I have used Sentinel on every dog I have owned and never have had a flea or heartworm problem. I have used this product for over 10 years and absolutely love it!!! One pill a month and you are done! by on 05/22/2015
Good all over product
I purchased this product for simplicity and ease of use. My dog likes the tablet and it covers all kinds of parasites I want to protect my pet against. by on 04/23/2015
Same product for less
I like that you can purchase the same medication from Pet Care Rx that you can get from your vey but at a cheaper price! by on 04/10/2015
Love the product!
First of all I have to say to those giving a low rating because you can't get your dog to eat it put it in some food. We are rating the effectiveness not how well you can handle your dog! This stuff is great I saved so much money on buying flea prevention separately. My white dog always had an ugly grease mark from the topical and she likes to swim so it never worked for long now just an easy pill that anyone with a brain can administer and we are good to go! by on 04/09/2015
my dog loves this medicine
My dog takes this little pill very easy and eagerly. Works well for fleas. Wish it worked for tick's too but have to buy something else for that. by on 03/23/2015
great product
product not received from pet rx, the product works great for the past year by on 03/07/2015
Sentinel one per month and no worries
I have been using Sentinel for my two dogs for six years now. There is a huge problem with Heartworm in Texas and although my dogs mostly stay inside, there is no skimping on the protection that I give them. They are my babies and thus, Sentinel is given to protect them from Heartworm, fleas, and other parasites. I give one to each once a month on the same day and I do not need to worry for the remainder of the month about whether or not they are safe. by on 02/20/2015
very good for my dog service is always great mailing is good I have no complaints at all by on 02/18/2015
Good combination medication
I wish this would kill the fleas that may already be on the animal. I had to use a topical just in case they had fleas already. I do like the combination heartworm, flea, and other worm prevention. You just need to make sure the animal DOES NOT have fleas as it will not kill the ones already on the dog! by on 01/16/2015
Not Sure Yet
Two weeks ago was the first time we gave to our dog, Mandi. Mandi spit that sucker right out and we knew it was fight time... we put it in her mouth again and she seemed to be eating it but she was faking us out. Then we broke into pieces and wrapped them in some ham slices...she ate the ham but found the Sentinel. So then, we did what any good parents would do... I held her and my husband shoved whatever was left down her little throat. I can't wait until next month.As for effectiveness, she doesn't have fleas so I guess it works. by on 12/20/2014
Love this site.
I used to pay $150 mo for my pets flea and heartworm. Until i found PetCareRx. Now i pay less than half that. Shipping takes a little bit so i recommend ordering early to keep in the cycle. Other than that, I'll never buy their meds anywhere else. by on 12/08/2014
Great product!
easy to administer and keeps my dogs flea free for a month at a time. works on my big 'outside' dogs and my little buddies. We live near the beach and fleas are a nightmare with the warm humidity and sand. playing in the water makes the topical flea control useless. by on 12/01/2014
came on time and good price
Good product, good price, delivery was on time, thanks by on 11/20/2014
This product has great features
I would recommend this product. It's easy to use and very convenient. by on 11/06/2014
Sentinel tabs
Well, my dog has been given these all his life and the vet couldn't get them anymore, I don't remember why.I just place the tablet in a spoon of peanut butter, easy dosing because there is nothing my dog likes better than peanut butter. by on 11/04/2014
Hard to give to dog and still itching
I found the tablets hard to give to my dog. I thought flavor tab would mean it would be flavorful to dog. but no, I finally crushed tablet and bought wet food and mixed it in the wet food for dog to get it. Not sure if crushing it was ok. Also, dog is still scratching, from fleas? I don't know. so not sure if the flea part works good. by on 10/28/2014
Good product
We have used Sentinal for several dogs over several years, and we've always been pleased with it. The current dog takes it buried in peanut butter and gobbles it down. by on 10/16/2014
easy to use
our dog hated the liquid drops to control fleas and ticks. he takes this like its food no worries about fleas or ticks and does not run away for monthly dose. dog how runs to you to take dose because of the good taste. by on 10/09/2014
Super easy
One pill. Once a month. It's that easy. No liquids. No mess. by on 10/08/2014
Good product
I choose to use this product for my dogs, because it doesn't make them sick or itch. The last heart worm medicine I used would make them sick and scratch like crazy. This one does not do that. by on 09/15/2014
Product came as promised
So far my dogs have not had any fleas. I believe this product works good. My service and price was very good from by on 07/28/2014
Affordable and Effective
Much cheaper than heartguard and also protects against whipworms. by on 07/23/2014
Dogs love it
Dogs love it so it easy to give them their "treats" for heartworm & other parasite prevention. by on 07/11/2014
Good value
Sentinel is easy to use. My dog eats quite readily. I use it because it controls both worms and fleas. The price is reasonable compared to other combined worm and flea products. It does not kill fleas, it only prevents the eggs from hatching. I use another product to kill the fleas. by on 06/23/2014
Great price!
Heartworm preventative is an expensive part of pet ownership. I shopped around and got the best price from PetCareRx. by on 06/22/2014
Love this stuff
I used this for years and then my vet changed the dogs to Trifexis. My dogs hated it! They spit it out 2 and 3 times, and I mean from way down their throats!! There has never been an issue with the Sentinel, they will even eat it out of my hand if I forget to put it in their bowl with the food. It has been effective for heartworm and fleas for all of our dogs. by on 06/19/2014
Good Product
My vet prescribed this for my dogs a couple of years ago. Since I have been buying these from PetCareRx, my savings have been substantial over what the vet charged. by on 06/06/2014
No more 2 meds every month
finally I can give my 2 small dogs 1 pill a month that covers heart worms and the fleas etc. Trying to find the spot between their shoulder blades for the fleas etc. meds has been awful. They're happy campers and so is Mom :-) Thanks a lot! by on 05/15/2014
Not a flea/tick preventative!
Geez people do some reading. Sentinel doesn't prevent flea or tick infestations. It interrupts the flea life cycle by preventing the development of flea eggs. Adult fleas and ticks will still get on your dog. Sentinel is primarily a heartworm, hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm preventative. It is also the safest heartworm med for the herding breeds that may have MDR1 gene mutation issues. by on 05/11/2014
This product does not work
I have two dogs. We gave them this medication three weeks ago. While taking them for a walk, we get home and they have two fleas on them? My puppy has thicker fur and tends to attract the fleas more then the other one. Not only was it hard to give her the tablet, she kept spitting it out so we have to use a pill pocket, but it did not work. I paid all this money for yet another unsatisfied product! by on 05/06/2014
So glad they are available again
I used Sentinel from the start when I got my Shep-Colli-Lab mix 8 yrs ago and had no problems at all. Then they put the hold on the manufacturer for another product and I was forced to switch to another product which was way more costly and did not keep the fleas at bay. I had to first take care of the flea problem that then developed in my house (another expense) and then switch to another product. I was thrilled to see they started selling it again. Great value, easy to use and it works!Radio by on 05/04/2014
Good heartworm medicine
This product was not available for some reason. I used Trifexas in the meantime - it is wonderful that it is back since it quite a bit cheaper and the dogs take it well - in fact my collie takes it better (the Sentinel). by on 04/22/2014
very effective
very effective, less money than other brands, dog tolerates the medication well, dog heartworm test negative. difficult to find a heartworm chewable for dogs under ten lbs. This med works for both of our dogs. by on 04/14/2014
I like that it takes care of more than one issue at a time!
I have only given her the 1st dose, we live in Florida, the flea part of has not worked well yet, hopefully the 2nd dose works better. It would not be fair to say it does not work, not yet! by on 03/31/2014
Like once a month dosing and that it covers two areas in one pill.
Our vet introduced us to this product and we like how it attacks two things in one pill and you give it once a month. One less medicine to keep up with. by on 03/23/2014
Need crushed pill method!
My little Chihuahua will not eat Heartguard even chopped to teeny pieces & mixed with chicken! I guess she smells it.So the only way to get her heart worm medicine is with Sentinel. I crush the tablet into granuales & add it to her dinner.For some reason my vet doesn't stock it any longer so I have to now buy it online, no problem, arrived within a week. by on 03/22/2014
Sentinel Heartworm Preventtive
I have been using this heartworm preventative for a long time. I have never had a dog with heartworms and felt okay with not testing regularly - it didn't seem necessary- my dogs always are in peak condition. by on 03/14/2014
My dogs like it !
Gives great protection from fleas....ticks.....heartworms...and several other pests. Dogs like the taste and you can give it as a treat or put it in their food . It is a little pricey....but less than some of the combined meds. Buying them separate is more expensive. by on 03/05/2014
Highly recommend for all dog owners!
I have two dogs who play at public parks, the levee and swim in the Mississippi river. Sentinel is excellent for preventing heart worm and controlling or eliminating any problems with fleas. I couldn't be happier with this product. by on 02/21/2014
Vet recommended Med
Easy to use and my dog takes it readily. You only give it once a month. This is what my vet wants us to use. by on 01/21/2014
just as expected
This product is simple and gets job done. I am glad that it came back. Thank you by on 01/02/2014
Hands down best product.
I have used sentinel for years and now using pet care rx I have the convenience of home delivery at a great price. by on 12/29/2013
At first - the dog that I am babysitting spit out the tablet, then I placed it more deeply into a piece of chicken, and viola'. The scratching and biting stopped the next afternoon.Thank you Sentinel. by on 12/26/2013
great price and better dosing for very small dogs
Great price on a highly recommended dog heartworm med. by on 12/22/2013
sentinel flavor tabs
I feel this is one the best all in one flea and heartworm medications out on the market. by on 12/12/2013
Not Worth It
I bought this product because it stated that it is for the, "prevention and control of flea populations, the prevention of heartworm disease and the treatment and control of roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms in dogs." Turns out it didn't do a thing for fleas!!! My black lab is allergic to fleas and this product did nothing for her. When I took her to my vet, they told me that Sentinel doesn't actually prevent fleas, as the product review would have you to believe. So I now have 5 months worth of an expensive heartworm treatment, seeing as how I'm going to have to purchase an additional treatment for fleas. Will never buy this again and Molly will be back on Trifexis as soon as a months time is up!!! by on 12/10/2013
great features
I just started using it and for right now it seems to be as good as what I got from my vet before. by on 12/05/2013
I was pleased by the quick, attentive service of PetCareRx. I haven't had time yet to evaluate the product but based on previous orders with my vet the product is also good. by on 12/02/2013
one pill a month for heart worm and flea population
I would recommend Sentinal highly for your dog especially because of the price from PetCareRx. by on 10/29/2013
Sentinel is very effective in preventing heartworm and fleas
We have given Sentinel to our cocker spaniels since they were puppies. They have never had any problems taking it and it's very convenient to order online. by on 10/28/2013
Very happy
My Freddy love it. I love that he only have to take one pill a month. by on 10/22/2013
works great for my two dogs
My vet does not handle Sentinel and since it has worked so well in the past, I got a prescription for my two dogs andthe order was received within five days. by on 10/19/2013
Must taste good
My dog ate this without any problem. He didn't like his previous heartworm med. I've only given it to him once, and it did seem to upset his stomach, even though it was given with a meal. by on 10/17/2013
heart worm and flea meds
Very polite and professional. Super fast ddelivery time. by on 10/05/2013
Less than a Month
Puppy took this pill on 9-1-2013..Tonight in the car the puppy coughed up a tiny worm,,,,I'm trying to figure out what kind of worm it could be... by on 09/23/2013
works well
i have been using for many years, great product. heard a rumor wasn't available glad to see still here. by on 09/10/2013
Heartworm prevention
Great product. It also keeps fleas and ticks away! by on 09/05/2013
So far so good!
So far so good. This is the first month we've used it. We had been on Iverhart Max but had adverse reactions and had to switch. No reactions thus far, thankfully by on 08/07/2013
Better than expected
No stomach upset, just feed with your pets food. So far no fleas or ticks. Like that I don't need messy flea drops on my dogs coat each month. Money saver as well. by on 08/05/2013
great product
So glad its back. The only all in one product that actually works!! by on 08/01/2013
Gave Dogs Pills Two Weeks Ago & They Are Still Scratching
Part of the reason I got this product was to get rid of the fleas on the dogs. Despite dipping them with a Permethrin Dip, they are still chewing and scratching on themselves?The instructions say that this product will inhibit the eggs only and not kill the adult fleas. To be perfectly fair about this, the instructions said in order to complete the treatment, I would have to add CapStar Tabs to their diet once a week and treat the yard for fleas, carpeting, and bedding areas.So, I have ordered CapStar Tabs and Bifen Granules. Once I get all this, then I will systematically give them CapStar, treat yard, powder carpet, and wash bedding. Then hopefully, this will kill the darn fleas off completely! I am SO Tired of this!Since I am not sure of the outcome yet, consider this review incomplete on the outcome of this product. The reason I am listing a review is because they keep sending me all these emails asking for one. by on 07/28/2013
Gave Dogs Pills Two Weeks Ago & They Are Still Scratching
Part of the reason I got this product was to get rid of the fleas on the dogs. Despite dipping them with a Permethrin Dip, they are still chewing and scratching on themselves? The instructions say that this product will inhibit the eggs only and not kill the adult fleas. To be perfectly fair about this, the instructions said in order to complete the treatment, I would have to add CapStar Tabs to their diet once a week and treat the yard for fleas, carpeting, and bedding areas. So, I have ordered CapStar Tabs and Bifen Granules. Once I get all this, then I will systematically give them CapStar, treat yard, powder carpet, and wash bedding. Then hopefully, this will kill the darn fleas off completely! I am SO Tired of this! Since I am not sure of the outcome yet, consider this review incomplete on the outcome of this product. The reason I am listing a review is because they keep sending me all these emails asking for one. by on 07/28/2013
Efficient and economical.
I liked that it was a combined flea & wormer And that there was not a oil residue on the coat. My collie had experienced some intestinal problems prior to use; that is cleared up now!! Easier to use than the skin application products, they ate it in their food without hesitation. by on 07/22/2013
Easy to administer
I hated the oily topical products and was glad when I found Sentinel Flavor Tabs. I have only used it one month but everything went fine and only one product to purchase instead of two. by on 07/21/2013
new, easier way to give monthly meds
I bought this product instead of Triflexis as it does the same thing but costs about half the price! We are only one dose in and dealing with a major flea infestation right now so cannot say YET how truly effective it is. Fingers crossed because the price and double-duty of this pill make it a winner... by on 07/20/2013
Great product
Great service..prompt order processing and delivery. by on 07/19/2013
I have used this product for years and I live in the south with a lot of fleas. I have not had one flea problem in the house. I like this product over all the others on the market. My dogs health has been and still is perfect. I will continue to use and recommend others to use this product. by on 07/18/2013
1st time user
This month is the first time I gave my dog Sentinel. He took iteasily and I saw no adverse effects. I have seen no fleas on him, so I am pleased. by on 07/15/2013
Great price. Fast delivery.
They had a big selection, great prices and fast delivery! by on 07/15/2013
So happy to see this back on the market.
This product is great. For my dog: no upset stomach, no refusal to eat it and it has been effective against heart worm. by on 07/11/2013
used this for years
I used this for 12 years on my last dog. Now that I have I new puppy I am vary Happy I can get this product for him. This is the best price I have found. by on 07/10/2013
No fleas!yeah
My dogs had fleas really bad in may so since then I've been using sentinal and for over a month they have been flea free! I have 3dogs 2 dachshunds and a Great Dane and it worked on them all by on 07/09/2013
Good price for Sentinel.
Good service just slowed waiting for vet. Sentinel is good for fleas and heartworms. by on 07/08/2013
Awesome Product
This is the only heartworm protection that both of my dogs can take without it coming back up. I love the fact it covers more than just heartworms. I have given this to all my 4 legged babies. Best buy for the money I highly recommend this product!!!!! :) by on 07/03/2013
Awesome, and affordable price
So excited this product is available again. All others made our boys sick and were too big to swallow (as they did not want to chew them). by on 06/28/2013
My picky pup loves it!
I have one dog that will eat anything, and the other who will eat around pills - no matter what I put them in! Sentinel is like a treat to him!! He eats it right up! They never got sick from it. They don't have any problems with fleas or anything like that. Definitely recommend! by on 01/27/2012
We switched to Sentinal a few years ago after getting skin reaction to the topical preparations. With three Goldens, A Mom and two litter mates, we have had no problems except the price is exorbitant, twice that of a similar crewable, Hartguard. by on 08/21/2011
Flea-free Shelties!
I highly recommend this product. I give it to my two Shelties, ages three and two and a half, and neither one of them has ever had a single flea. I live in Florida where fleas are a year round problem. by on 08/18/2011
I highly recommend this product. I have two Shelties, one is almost three years old, and the other is two and a half years old. Have never had a flea on either one of them, and I live in Florida, where fleas are a problem year round. by on 08/18/2011
Product Review
I highly recommend this product. I have two Shelties, one is almost three years old, and the other is two and a half years old. Have never had a flea on either one of them, and I live in Florida, where fleas are a problem year round. by on 08/18/2011
I trust this product
I am very pleased with Sentinel and completely trust this product. I used Comfortis for approximately 5 months and both of my dogs had seizures once a month for the 5 months that I gave them the medication. It was awful. After repeated trips to the vet and numerous tests we finally figured out the Comfortis was causing the seizures. I wasn't aware seizures are a possible side affect from that medication. I also tried Frontline and it seemed to really irritate my min pins skin when I applied it so I immediately stopped that. I haven't seen any side affects in either dog from the Sentinel and I have been using it for the past year. I have not seen fleas on either dog either. I'm not sure if certain medications affect certain breeds however I found it odd that both of my dogs suffered seizures approximately one week after the administration of each dose of Comfortis. by on 07/14/2011
Great Product!
Love love love Sentinel! Have used it on my Rat Terrier for almost 2 years now and have never had any issues. The convenience of one product for both heartworms and fleas is fantastic! by on 07/12/2011
No side effects
I had always used the liquid flea treatment for years on my dogs. The last two dogs I had, toy poodles BOTH developed cancerous tumors. The male used to scratch at the spot where I would put the liquid and it would get red and irritated for a few hours. He was 11 years old and she was almost 15.She tolerated the medicine better, but it still got her in the end. I totally believe its what gave them both cancer. One of the liver the other one his stomach cavity. I have 2 new dogs. They have been on Sentinal for 2 years as of Aug. I have had no problem and I like the fact that it protects for all the parasites and the fleas so I only have to give one pill to each of them once a month. I have not seen one flea on either dog. I highly recommend this product. by on 07/10/2011
Extreme Side Effects
I can not recommend this product. I gave it to my Choclate Lab at my vets recommendation. The first tab she took she became lethargic , could not eat within the day. She could not get up. Very hard to find ANY information as to the testing done. Got a refund. I went back to Heartguard and Frontline. I have used them for many years on several breeds with no issue. by on 06/21/2011
Bailey and The Jack Pack
I have a beagle and three jack Russells. WE Have used this product for over 5Years. I see an occassinal flea but never had a problem. Would not even try any thing else. by on 05/23/2011
Long-term solution, not a quick fix
True, Miss South Carolina, this product does not kill fleas. Fleas live just a short time (a week or so) and reproduce prolifically. This product prevents a flea colony from gaining or maintaining foothold in your home. We have three Jack Russells in a flea-infested, pet-friendly island community and have seen zero fleas on them in the past four years. The flea population where we live has apparently developed an immunity to Frontline as it has little or no effect here. Sentinel took about six weeks to begin showing effect but since then, it has been the complete and total cure we had hoped for. Best thing we have ever used, but it took some patience. by on 04/22/2011
15 year user of setinel
Used for 2 dogs large and small breed and had excellent results. I had next door neighbor who had regular flea infestations and my dogs never had an issue...not even visual fleas...even tho my vet does not carry it, in fact it's hard to find a vet who will carry it (contracts with competitors) but I rave about it and despite some vet critics, I highly recommend it by on 01/01/2011
Do I need a prescription when ordering Sentinal for my dog? I know the strength she needs as I have bought it from the vet before. by on 12/12/2010
Charlie & Harry
Charlie was our first pet in Florida, a Llahsa Apsa. He lived to be 18yrs. we gave him Sentinel tablets for at least 10 years. It was the best. Today we have a rescue dog, lab & beagle mix. His name is Harry & does not like the topical products so we put him on Sentinel, he thinks they are treats. No mess and no fuss. by on 10/28/2010
Charlie & Harry
Charlie was our first pet in Florida, a Llahsa Apsa. He lived to be 18yrs. we gave him Sentinel tablets for at least 10 years. It was the best. Today we have a rescue dog, lab & beagle mix. His name is Harry & does not like the topical products so we put him on Sentinel, he thinks they are treats. No mess and no fuss. by on 10/28/2010
We have given Sentinel to our pets for the past 25 years. We have never had to worry about our girls using this product. We have had the pleasure of living with six loving girls in the past and now with two new toy poodles. This is a wonderful product!!!!! by on 05/13/2010
Easy and works!
I love this. My dogs will eat it no problem and so much easier than messing around with topical solutions. On large dogs the topical meds are hard to apply, you have to spread it over the whole body and it is hard to judge how much to apply to each area, I always have some left over because I am afraid I won't have enough at the end. Also it is difficult to part the hair on very short haired dogs. I made sure the dogs were flea free with Advantage and then started this pill, haven't seen a flea won't kill adult fleas so it is best to get them off first. LOVE PetCareRx paw points and coupons...saving a lot of money, PLUS their prices are the lowest to begin with !!!! by on 04/19/2010
Does Not Kill Fleas
Purchasers should be aware that this product will NOT kill the fleas you see on your dog. It sterilizes the fleas and prevents them from reproducing. If you are looking for something that will kill the fleas you see on your dog, you should get Frontline Plus for Dogs. After my vet explained this to me, and online reasearch easily backs it up, I quit using this product since it won't do what I need. by on 12/02/2009
Worked up until now
I have three dogs and have been using this product for over a year. I just found fleas on one - she has white hair so it was easy to see them crawling around. I am considering switching back to Heartgaurd and just using a topical flea medication now. by on 08/21/2009
No More Fleas!
My dogs are on Sentinel now and Program the year before. Prior to discovering this medication, I tried every available spray, powder and spot treatment without luck. The fleas in South Tampa, Florida can reproduce amazingly fast and nothing worked - until I used Program. Because of it, I switched to Sentinel for the heartworm protection instead of using separate drugs. Both of my dogs love the flavortabs and consider them "treats". It's always good when the dog likes it, right? by on 08/03/2009
Great Product!
I've used this product for 2 years now and I love that I do not have to worry about fleas and paracites on my dog. I have never had any issues with my dog bringing any "buddies" from the outside! by on 06/04/2009
great stuff!!
I have had my American Eskimo Spitz all of his life (14 years) and have had him on Sentinel tabs from the beginning. It is really a good product and does exactly what it says it will. He has never had one flea, to my knowledge. And of course no sign of heartworm, through all of his testings. Receiving this medication through PetCareRx is faster, cheaper and very reliable. The coupons are a great bonus!! by on 04/22/2009
Schnauzer mom pleased in GA
My two dogs are 7 and 8 and have been on Sentinel since birth except for about a years timespan when the vet switched them to Heartgard and Frontline plus because they had had a few tics and the Sentinel isn't for tics.Big mistake! During that time we had a flea infestation. We switched back to the Sentinel and haven't had fleas since. The only problem I have with Sentinel is that one dog loves it and will chew it right out of my hand. The other one avoids it after sniffing it and I have to crush it and put it in some other food that kills the smell for her to eat it. AND, ordering through PetCareRx is easy and less expensive than at the Vet. Keep the coupons coming! by on 09/02/2008
Fast, easy, and personal
The people at Pet Care Rx showed that they care about service. I received very personal care and the products I ordered, arrived in record time. The products are exactly as I have purchased at the Vet, but half of the cost. I am very happy, and my four legged friends are happy and healthy...and that is the reason I will only order from Pet Care Rx by on 08/16/2008
We have a Sheltie which has a lot of hair! Our vet uses this product on his dogs. We have never had a problem with fleas since using Sentinel ( 10 years ) . To save some money , it would be good to send the product in a padded mailer vs a big cardboad box! I love all the coupons. We saved quite a bit of money and received free shipping! by on 08/16/2008
great product great service
PetCareRx has superior customer service and very quick delivery. It is cheaper than buying at the vets. Will visit again! by on 07/07/2008
I have had my two yorkies on Sentinel for years and it is the best heatworm/flea control medication I have ever used. One pill does the trick instead of using two separate medications which can result in higher costs. The pill is very tiny making it so easy for even the smallest dog to swallow. by on 06/21/2008
Good product, better price than vet or competitors
My two dogs have been on this medicine for about 7 years now without a SINGLE problem. Keeps them flea and heartworm free. I was quoted $80 from my vet for a 6 month supply. With a discount coupon, I just paid $101 including shipping for a 12 month supply! A huge savings! Service was great, they contacted my vet for me and shipped it in a few days. I've previously considered 1-800 Pet Meds, but the prices were never worth it compared to my vet. PetCareRx has changed all that. This is where I'll buy my pet meds from now on. by on 06/15/2008
Best Choice
Over the past 15 years we have rescued dozens of speical needs greyhounds and others. We alway depend on Sentinel to keep the dogs and our home environment healthy. I do not know how many hours we spent combing and bathing before this product was introduced. Especilly for former racing greyhounds who are exposed to many tick born diseases and given no prophylactic care. It is exceptional to be able to protect these good animals from so many potential parasites with an easy once a month pill. by on 06/07/2008
Thank You PetCareRx
I've purchased Sentinal for my Yorkshire Terriers for years but this is the first time I've used PetCareRx. I placed my order on Monday and received my shipment on Friday....and this included PetCareRx contacting my vet for a prescription. PetCareRx is fast...! by on 06/06/2008
Fit for a Diva
Our Maltese Poodle Diva has been on this product since she was a puppy. She has a luxating patella and the Synovi has helped her stay active and without pain for almost 6 years now. It is a super product! by