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Are you afraid to wear black because there's cat hair all over your furniture? You need the Safari Shed Magic De-Shedding Tool. The Shed Magic removes loose hair and debris and can also reduce the irritants that cause allergies in your cat. Plus, less loose hair means fewer hairballs, which makes for happier cats and owners. The ergonomically designed handle helps prevent wrist and hand strain. Using the tool regularly will promote the production of natural oils giving your cat a healthy an... Read More


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Great for Cats

I have a geriatric cat who can't handle large amounts of cat hair anymore the deshedding tool is an excellent tool for this just use it twice a week and good by to hairballs and constipation my only complaint would be that it is very hard to get through the heavy clumps of hair around the tail and the neck even with short strokes she is uncomfortable and cries. Other than that buy this product you'll not be sorry you did. by on 12/10/2012
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