Safari Rubber Curry Brush For Dogs
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Leaves Your Dogs Coat Healthy and Shiny
Massages Dogs Skin Also
Removes loose hair on Dogs

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 1 reviewers.

  • awesome shedding brush for short-hair breeds
    Title really says it all: it is the best. The rubber knobs won't scratch or hurt the dog as a metal shedding brush can do on short-haired dogs, while still removing a lot of loose hair as well as dirt and dander very quickly. Also, because the brush is rubber and rather flexible and you grip the body of the brush to use it instead of a handle, the brush ends up bending and basically conforming to uneven parts like the legs and head, which are a serious pain to try to do with a metal shedding brush, and saves you both time and effort. Plus, the hair is really easy to remove from the brush, unlike most brushes recommended for short-haired breeds (i.e. bristle and wire pin brushes). It falls right out of the brush once enough builds up and even if you do need to pick it out, it takes maybe two seconds to do that. The end result is a much softer, sleeker, better looking dog and a lot less shedding for the minimum amount of trouble and effort. It's easy and fast enough to be worth doing for purely outside dogs too. It also works well for medium and long-hair breeds, particularly for the head and legs, and is sufficient alone for some breeds (although many would require a metal shedding brush for the torso). The only thing with it is that because the hair falls out of the brush so easily, I'd suggest doing the brushing outside or at least in a contained space with hard surfaces, like the bathroom, so the removed hair can be dealt with easily. BTW, this type of brush doesn't seem to be available in most pet stores. by on 02/21/2006
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