Rubber Jingle Ball
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2" in diameter
Great for a game of fetch

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.

    My dog Freckles is such a spaz. However with just a shake of this ball he is down on the floor and chewing on it like a baby would a binky! It's so adorable! by on 10/11/2006
  • unchewable
    my 2 dogs love these balls i like them because they can't chew them up like all the other squeeky toys by on 08/29/2005
  • excellent toy!!
    My dog absolutely LOVES the jingle ball! She will chase it all over the house! EXCELLENT BUY! by on 03/12/2005
  • My dogs favorite ball!!
    This ball is my dogs favorite. She carries it around all day and even sleeps with it. She doesnt let it out of her sight. She can chew anything but this ball she couldnt. The bell inside of it makes it even more fun for her to play with. It is a great ball. by on 01/16/2005
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