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Crafted from full, top grain leather

Options Available: Brown,22'' Black,20''

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.

  • Excellent quality at a great price!
    My dogs should be able to wear these collars for many years. by on 07/01/2013
  • round leather collars
    My Groomer recommended the round collars for my dogs several years ago and they have been very hard to find . I have used round collars for about 7 years and they really do help to keep the dogs from matting around their collars. I would recommend anyone that has a long haired dog to try one of these collars. by on 06/02/2008
  • This is a great leashes to choose from!
    I love these choices of leashes, it is great for all dogs. by on 05/15/2007
  • chacha
    these round leather collars are the best it dosent cut the neck and dig into the skin when dogs pull ,also it dosent matt the hair . my dog likes it that she dosent try to take it off.... by on 11/02/2005
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