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Great for fleas & heartworm, but not ticks

I have used this product for years on my 3 dogs: 50 lb. border collie/lab mix; 10 lb. terrier mix; 5 lb. chihuahua. It's fantastic at repelling fleas; I have never had a problem with fleas, and my dogs have never tested positive for heartworms; I only treat them for 6 months. Ticks, however, have been a problem. I do live in the Pocono Mountains, in a heavy deer area. I have found several ticks on my border collie/lab & my tiny Chi tested positive for Lyme disease (even though she was also vaccinated against it), although my vet said it is possible she had it before I adopted her. As it seems to work well on my dogs for everything except ticks, maybe I could also try a flea & tick collar, like someone else mentioned. I was actually thinking of switching to Frontline Plus, which I used to use years ago before switching to Revolution, but there seem to be a lot of negative reviews for that. Overall, I would probably recommend Revolution; just not for ticks, at least not if you live in a heavily wooded area. by on 03/11/2010

Our dog got SARCOPTIC MANGE from someone's dog @ the DOG PARK in ESTERO, FLA (the owner either didnt care if they gave it to other dogs or perhaps didnt know?). At 1st his hair started falling out in huge amounts (I'd fill 3-cups on the bagless vac per day with dog hair!), then he got the sickly "sweet" smell about him & he was scratching inceasantly!!! I took him to one vet & she had no idea (even tho I told her I thought it was MANGE), she did a scrapping, but since it didnt show mange mites - she dismissed it & gave him ANTIBIOTICS: good grief ! So, I went on the net & IT HAD ALL HIS SYMPTOMS + IT SAID, "You almost NEVER get mites in a skin scrapping!!! (Well educated vet - NOT !!!) The next vet said as soon as he smelled our dog that he was sure he had SARCOPTIC MANGE & put him on REVOLUTION treatment every 2-weeks (instead of the usual once a month treatment) and it began to work. It was gradual, but after 10days we noticed that he didnt smell as bad, he wasnt losing as much hair, & the scratching was subsiding! He's had 6-treatments in the last 2 1/2months & you wouldnt know he ever had (sarcoptic) MANGE !!! The only hair that hasnt completely grown back is around his penile-sak, but we are going to keep him on it for at least a year & out of DOG PARKS -- since you NEVER know if a dog has mange: a dog who 's had it for a month wont show it yet & s/he can spread it to your dog from simple contact !!! REVOLUTION is a bit more expensive than HG or FL, but it saved his life & was by far the cheapest cure for Mange !!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT !!! Our dog's hair is very thick around his neck where it needs to be applied & that makes it hard to apply the med to the skin, so we pulled it up & shaved a spot for its application & it doesnt show when hair is laid back down. AGAIN, this REVOLUTION is the BEST -- OUR DOG HAS NO FLEAS , either !!! Sincerely, Barb S.W.FLA. by on 03/03/2010
This stuff is the best

Have used Revolution for many years now on all my dogs (poodles and corgies). No fleas, no ticks, no side effects. Very easy to apply. I live in the South and fleas and ticks are awful here! by on 12/07/2009

Product Review

willing to try

have used frontline plus-doesn't work and K-9 Advantix-works MOST of the time. Neither one of these is worth the money they charge and wil now try Revolution, will let you know by on 11/10/2009
This product is the best !!!

We live in Florida and have to use Flea and heartworm products year round and we have found that the Revolution works the best. hen using it we never see any fleas on our pets or any mosquitoes coming near them. It is nice to have the comfort in knowing our pets are safe when outside with us year round while using Revolution!!! I recommend it for anyone not even living in a warm climate area like Florida if you want to keep your pets safe. by on 10/18/2009
Better Than Frontline Plus

I recently switched from Frontline Plus to Revolution. I have a 5lb Yorkie-Pom that suffered terribly after using FL....About a half hour after admin. it she vomitted and had diarrhea for 3 days, she was so lethargic........I called the company and they told me that only skin sensitivities were to be expected...She was perfectly healthy and normal prior to the FL...The person I spoke to was very cold and tried to pretty much deny anything like this would happen from FL.........Well it did.........My mothers dog is the sister of mine, and she was unable to walk, became very unstable for a whole day from the FL. We discussed it with our vet., and since my dog is so tiny she suggested the Revolution for puppies and dogs up to 5 lb. It's worked well, thank God, and no horrible side effects..Will def keep using........ by on 10/17/2009
The Best Prevention Out There!

I had a bull mastiff before Revolution came out, and he got heartworm even after using heartworm pills, and it cost $700.00 just to have surgery for him. Now I have a Lab mix now, and he is using Revolution, and he does not have fleas, I don't see him getting bit by mosqitoes when we are outside, and he still has not had any ticks, and his heartworm tests are always negative. I actually think Revolution does more than what it is supose to! It is the best thing out there! Like humans, some dogs and cats may have allergies to medications! If you have one that has an allergy to it, it does not mean that the other animals that you have, will react the same, so, if you can, try the others on Revolution, becaus it is the best prevention out there, so don't let the other animals miss out on an excellent prevention medication, for their sakes!!! by on 10/04/2009
No complaints!

Revolution has worked well for our 3 & 1/2 yr old golden retriever. Our dog's mom was very allergic to Frontline, so we never tried it on our dog. Since we first bought our dog when she was 8 weeks old and started her on Revolution, we have had no flea or heart worm problems. Though, we do buy a separate tick collar for our dog. by on 09/18/2009

I have 3 teacup chihuahuas and a rotti. This is the best product around. Not one single problem with the dogs' health since they have been on this product. No fleas, ticks, worms, etc. Love, love this product!!! by on 09/11/2009
Great trustworthy product

We have three Maltese dogs. They are white and have long silky hair. If there is a flea on them, you certainly can see it. They have all been on Revolution since they were babies (we have mom and dad and one of their daughters). We had three litters of puppies before the girls were spayed and I started them all on Revolution. Yearly blood tests have never indicated that any of them have heart worms. This is a great product and we trust it completely. by on 08/27/2009
It works for us and it's cheap

Our boy loves to be outside basking in the sun and in the grass. We also go up north in the mountains in the summer so we have used it in many climates. My vet turned me on to this when we got our puppy and he had mange. It's a great, all in one, flea, tick and heartworm med. We never had a problem with any kind of bug after that. by on 08/20/2009
Works well, but not for every cat

I have 3 cats and Revolution works great. However, one of my cats has an extreme reaction to Revolution within about 12 hours of giving it. Her skin turns bright red like a sunburn and then peels within 2-3 days leaving the entire area without hair. About the time it grows back it is time to dose with Revolution and the process starts all over again. After several months of this the vet has recommended switching her to Advantage Multi. She was on regular Advantage for years with no problems. by on 08/15/2009
My new Puppy!

I reccommend this product because my puppy is now on his 2nd treatment of it and I Have never seen a flea on him neither has vet, I use it as a preventative and I like how it's good for other issues as well, so far it has worked for me t this point! And nice to have a combo med. by on 08/13/2009
Will continue using !!!

We have three cats, 18, 14, & 3 yrs old. We have thick woods and ticks. I used to "bomb" the house, get the carpets cleaned, and wash the cats every late spring. A two-day costly and "dramatic" (for the cat baths) ordeal. This product kills the fleas and ticks. The only fleas we have seen in >4 years are the ones that get on OUR pants legs and bring in. The only time they scratch is when a tick has attached, but, it's always easy to get it off - it's dead. Haven't seen fleas on them in ages. The only drawback is with the 18 yr old, he does lose fur right at the med'n point, but, that grows back in 7-10 days. Works better, easier, and cleaner than anything else we've used. by on 06/22/2009
This is the best

The person that didn't like it must have done something wrong. This is the best there is, I have one cat with allergie to fleas, he almost died when I was using Frontline. He lost all his hair and temp went to 105. I have had no fleas since the vet told me about revolution, I just wish I had known about it years ago when I had cats with ear mite trouble. I have several cats and large dog, all using this. revolution may cost a little more but it works and dose more than the others, it is the best I tell everyone about it. by on 06/19/2009

I have 2 cats and I have tried EVERYTHING before to get rid of fleas and this is the ONLY thing I have ever found that works! by on 06/14/2009

Great! Great ! GREAT!!!!! Best thing I have found to treat my three dogs and two cats(and I have tried everything by on 05/22/2009
covers everything

i got a kitten, and she had ear mites and fleas..and revolution took care of both. she was so tiny, they have doses for all sizes. i liked it so much, i put it on my other two cats. it seems like they always pass fleas around. they're flea free now! they havent had fleas for two years. i didnt have to worry about her getting worms or anything else either. its a combination of everything you need. by on 05/16/2009
I was skeptical

Tried several over the counter topical flea treatments on my large dog and none worked at all. My vet recommended Revolution and I told him those topical treatments don't work on my dog but he offered to return my money if it didn't work. It worked great. Down side it that it's very expensive but it works great on big dogs with short to medium length fur, which is great protection if you're a flea. by on 05/12/2009

I previously owned a Dalamation and was unemployed at that time, he suffered from flea bites every day/night, which makes him irritable and constantly biting to kill them. It was hard to watch him like this because he constantly woken up from his sleep from flea bites.Now, that I have a Black Labrador and employed, I didn't want her to suffer like he did. So, I've placed my dog on Revolution eversince she was 9 weeks old. She NEVER had any flea troubles, except for common bacteria infection in her ears. It's typical of Labrador Retrievers to get those ear infection, but with proper medications and ear wash including frequent baths bi-weekly, they're quite managable. by on 05/05/2009
Works Fantastic

When We found our cat, she was a stray, starving and covered with fleas. The vet told us to use Revolution - It works! Not a flea on her and it's been 3 years. by on 04/29/2009
Doesnt work

I switched to Revolution from Frontline/Heartgard combination because of the extra ear mite protection. Ever since then, my cats and dog are plagued by fleas weeks ahead of the next 30 day application, when fleas were never a problem before. I dont trust it protects them from heartworm and everything else if it cant control the fleas! Going back to Frontline & Heartgard ASAP - I am so sorry for my itchy pets. by on 04/27/2009
It Works

Iv used revolution on my dog since she was a little pup (8 months) but you MUST use a ORGANIC, DETERGENT FREE shampoo or else the medication will be washed off and will not work! by on 04/05/2009
I stop using it

My dogs had it since I got them and NEVER had any fleas. due to the economy I stop buying revolution and they are Full of fleas . this product is worth buying it . I will start using it againg so my dogs can be happy againg by on 04/05/2009
Great Product!

Revolution is by far the best product out there for flea protection and prevention. I have tried Frontline in the past, but it is like pouring water on my cat. I put Revolution on him about three weeks ago, and have not seen any fleas since! by on 02/13/2009
excellent product

The other products I tried the flea actually bites the dog and than dies. With this product the dog is never bitten. Alot of dogs itch all the time because the flea actually bites. This causes infections (not to say what it does to animals that are allergic to flea and tick bites) by on 01/22/2009
Works Great

I have been using Revolution for 6 years & have never had a problem. This has got to be one of the greatest products for large dogs by on 01/08/2009
Well worth the money!

This is a great product! I have been using it on my dog for 5 years. Have not seen a flea since! Well worth it. I tried everything but nothing has worked like revolution. by on 01/06/2009

I have used this for 2 years now on all my pets, i have never had a problem with it or any bad reactions. none of my pets have had a single flea on them in years im sure they love it to. by on 09/08/2008

My puppy used to have flakes after a vet recommended me this product He was as good as new , he is never had any type of ear mites or nne of that. by on 08/29/2008
Easy on All - Pets and their People!

I have two cats and a small dog (chihuahua) and have been using Revolution on all for about 2 years. The cats are covered for fleas, ticks, heartworm and even ear mites. The dog for fleas, ticks, and heartworm. The only once a month application is non-traumatic for the cats and the dog would let me put it on her daily, so long as I followed with a treat!. I put it on the calendar and line them all up only once a month, and I've never seen any parasite on any of my pets. All three go in the backyard only, but living in the deep South, fleas and ticks are rampant, even some years surviving year round! Two of my pets have had adverse reasctions to other topical products, but not with the Revolution ( one cat and the dog). I highly recommend this product as well as the purchasing it from PetCareRx. The convenience of having them call the vet and direct shipping it to my home is beyond easy. The courtesy of their sales representatives and the promptness of product receipt is above reproach! by on 08/26/2008

This product was recommended by my vet. Neither of my babies have every had one flee on them. A also includes heartworm medication. I have had one cocker for 2 1/2 years, from a pup. Excellant product! by on 08/17/2008
awesome stuff

i love this stuff it is so easy and conveient i dont have to give a seperate heart worm pill just squeese it down their backs and done i have 2 dogs and never had a problem with ticks and fleas by on 08/16/2008
Revcolution for Large Dogs

REVOLUTION IS AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT! I have an 82 lb active Labrador, pine trees and plenty of pine shat drop which establishes a mighty source for ticks. I am cost-conscious and I have done comparative shopping with other product sources. With discount cards sent in the mail, free shipping on orders over a certain $ amount, and the PET POINTS Program, there is no better source for THIS product than PetCareRx. by on 08/09/2008

This is the only product that I am aware of that will protect my cat from heartworms. She only goes out with me, but previous to using Revolution I worried that she might be bitten by that one mosquito. by on 08/02/2008
Better Meds for dogs and cats

I have found a better tolerance of the revolution products with both my dogs and cats. No irritation or the stomache upset. by on 08/01/2008
Revolution cured my kitten!!

I have a kitten.He had fleas and ear mites{disgusting little bugs}The 1st time we took him to the vet,the vet discovered that my kitten had fleas.Since my kitten was to young to apply shampoo,powder,or any of that stuff, he told us to brush his fur,it did work but all the fleas did not come out.The 2nd time we took my kitten to the vet ,the vet saw my kitten was scratching his ears too much,he checked my kittens ears,took out some wax ,and then he said "1, he has ear mites"He told me to take a look,it was disgusting.Then he recommended us to use REVOLUTION and guess what,my kitten stopped scratching himself. by on 07/30/2008
Works great on my 4 lb. dog

Our chihuahua is 4 pounds, and we use the puppy/kitten formula.Lola has never had any kind of symptoms or side effects. I will continue to use revolution for the rest of her life. We take Lola to the dog park all the time, and she never has had a single flea. Works wonderfully, and is so easy to keep up with.I definitely recommend this product. by on 07/30/2008
Wonderful service!!!!

My vet just stopped carrying Revolution. So now we can order from and it is going to save a ton of time!!!! The order came in really quickly and was perfect! Order Revolution from PetCareRx!!!! by on 07/28/2008
I watched the fleas fall off of my kitty, Star

I couldn't believe it ~ my daughter brought home a kitty from the flea market that was covered with fleas ~ Star didn't like to be 'picked' at, so when we made an appointment at the vet I told them I wanted the best they had. They put Revolution on him. That evening we literally watched the fleas falling off of him as he was playing on the porch. I am still amazed!! by on 07/23/2008
Stick with the Best....

I have used this for several years on my cats.....we live in the country, where the cats are exposed to a variety of pests....the revolution works great!I just wish they would come out with some snake one of my cats keeps getting bitten..... by on 07/19/2008
Do you care about your Pet?

I highly recommend "Revolution". I have been using it on my Pets for 5 years. It is easy to apply. The Fleas are gone. For me it is also important that it protects against Heart-worms. I had a Dog dying from that Illness. I treated him with Pills. After his death I found a lot of Pills under Furniture. With "Revolution" you can be sure your Pet receives the Medication. by on 07/14/2008
Great product, great price

I have been using Revolution on my dachshund or the past 3 years and have no complaints about the medication whatsoever. In the past I had purchased Revolution from my Vet which was quite expensive. I searched extensively for a better price and found it at PetCareRx. by on 07/13/2008
I love this!

I have 4 cats, 3 of which go outside regularly. Since starting to use Revolution, they are flea free for the whole month! I was having to flea comb them nightly just to keep the fleas under control (and in turn off my furniture, beds, carpets, etc). Within 12 hours of using this product, the cats were flea free (the only fleas on them were dead!) I will continue to use this product as long as I see this kind of result! by on 07/05/2008

This is great for flea prevention as well as many other things all in 1 product. Love that I can use 1 product to prevent so many things. Easy to use and works great on my little chihuahua. by on 06/28/2008
Protects cats against heartworms

I was unaware that cats could also develop heartworms until our calico, Smudge, was diagnosed heartworm positive. My daughter mentioned that she used a flea preventative topical medication that also protected against heartworms. My vet had never mentioned Revolution so I went online and have been ordering it from PetCare RX for all of our cats. I am so happy to have a found a product that protects against fleas, ticks, heartworms, etc. Thank you Revolution!! PS - Just wish I didn't have to go through my vet for a prescription - hope it will someday be available over the counter. by on 06/15/2008

I have 3 dogs and have been using this product for 3 years now. I have never had any fleas, ticks or worms and my dogs are safe and happy. I push the product to the line with all the hiking and trail riding I take my dogs on. by on 06/13/2008
Easy and Effective

My cat and I really enjoy using this product. It prevents so many problems and I only have to buy and apply this one medication. We've been using it for 6 months now and have had no fleas or other pests. It's so quick to apply to my cat's shoulder and she's never had a bad reaction or side effect from it. The medicine package comes with convenient stickers that I add to my calendar to remind me when it's time for Olive's Revolution. I recommend this product to all the pet parents I know. by on 06/12/2008

My pup has had skin problems in the past and when we switched him to Revolution the problem almost instantly went away! Also, I love the fact that we don't have to buy a separate heartworm and flea medication. by on 06/07/2008
Great price and Product

I get revolution for my two Yorkies because I think it is a great product. I get it hear because it's a great price. I get it at a 25.00 savings. by on 06/07/2008
A Must for your Pet

I am very happy with the product. We have no Fleas in the House. I have no dislikes. by on 05/25/2008
Recommended Highly

I have 2 rescued dogs that are 3 years old that were going to be put down. One is a Parson Jack Russell and one is a Rat Terrier. My Jack Russell has been on Revolution since we adopted her. This is the best product on the market for fleas, parasites etc. This product requires a prescription.My rat terrier is on Advantage until she gets a heart worm test done. then I will change her to Revolution also. by on 05/20/2008
Great Stuff

My cats take no notice to the medication. They are both healthy and I have had no problems with fleas, eat mites and their last test proved worm-free. They are very happy and healthy. by on 05/19/2008
owned by Goober

Product excellent-(would prefer to buy 3 doses at a time instead of 6). by on 05/12/2008
Best product I have found

I like Revolution and have been using it for our four dogs for many years. It takes care of the heartworm, fleas, and ticks. Although our dogs are not outdoor dogs and are small dogs, their care is my ultimate concern. (They do spend some time out of doors and take walks in the park.) I have a Pom, Pom-a-Poo, mixed terrrier breed, and a Sheltie. I have never seen a flea nor have I seen a tick. Heartworm is not a huge concern in our area, but because I walk dogs in areas where other dogs have walked, I want them to be protected. For these reasons, I will continue to be a regular customer. by on 05/06/2008

does well for fleas but have 2 cats with ear mites and one cat whose hair started falling out by on 05/05/2008
Great for delicate breeds

We have two Italian Greyhounds and now a third - for these dogs who have reactions to medication often, this product is the best. It keeps the fleas, worms, mange mites, and even earmites away. by on 05/05/2008

Pet Care RX

My review is not so much for the product (which is great), but for Pet Care RX as a whole. I used to purchase my three dog's meds first from the vet for a very high cost and then from I've switched to Pet Care RX as the prices are much lower, shipping is more than reasonable, and you can earn discounts for your pets. THANK YOU, PET CARE RX, for helping pet owners get through difficult financial times while still providing quality care for their animals! by on 05/03/2008
Great stuff!

We have 2 dogs in the 41 - 85 lb. range, and they have been on this medication for years. We have never had fleas, and the great part is that this is the only topical flea/tick medicine that also has the heartworm medication. by on 05/03/2008
Revolution is one stop shoping

If your pet won't eat pills and giving multiple doses of meds is too much - try revolution! It is great! by on 04/22/2008

I ordered revolution because it is a great product. I have used it before, but not from Petcare. They were very attentive and helpful and their prices are very competitive. I recieved the cats revolution and now I am waiting for my dogs dosage, should be here Monday. I recommend this product to every pet owner. by on 04/19/2008
Not such a Revolution

I used Revolution for four months and initially things were great. Then the fleas returned in greater numbers than ever. We've added the Program to the program and hopefully this will help. by on 04/15/2008


This product worked great and fast to clear up my cats roundworm problem. I highly recommend using this for a easy treatment option. by on 04/10/2008
Worth the Money!

It may seem a little higher in price than some of the other items out there, but since it treats multiple issues, it's well worth the money. We've been using it on our two cats for the past 3 years and love this product. We'd definately recommend it to someone else! by on 04/07/2008
love it

moved into a flea-infested apartment unfortunately for Mr. J, my cat. The vet said use the Revolution and I know that I'll never stop putting it on Mr. J as I haven't had any issues with any type of flear or other bug since. Plus, he had an ear problem (tested negative for the mites) since I got him at age 6 mo. (he's about 7 years old now) and his ears still have some wax, but he doesn't go crazy scratching them anymore. Yay! It's a fantastic product, just wish there were a discount, but it's worth every pen ny! by on 04/05/2008
Highly Recommended

My dog has had ZERO fleas on her since using this product (it's been 11 months now). She hasn't even gotten any fleas when my daughter's flea-bag dog comes to visit. Seriously, I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone - especially if your dog is an inside dog. by on 03/02/2008
Absolutely Works!

I have had Sadie since April 2006 and have never seen a flea! So without a doubt I don't have to worry about heartworm either. Now I also have Sassy since May 2007 and still not fleas. Never in a million years did I think I could have dogs without fleas! by on 01/06/2008
Best on the Market.

This product really works, tried all others and not effective like Revolution.Great product and no side effects, used on small and large dogs. by on 12/16/2007
Helped my dogs!!

My vet could not figure out what was wrong with my dogs. After spending $600 on allergy tests that did nothing, I went online and found out about scabies - Revolution did the trick! They are healthy and happy again and NO MORE ITCHING! by on 11/13/2007
Years of Success!

Have used on my cats consistently for several years and have not had any fleas, mites, worms! Well worth the money and so convenient to use. by on 11/12/2007
7 years and counting

I own two goldens with lots of hair, not a flea or a tick in 7 years. Friends who using a competing product tell me they haven't had the success I've had using Revolution. I told them they should switch to Revolution! Plus it has the heartworm preventative too, so you don't have to buy two products. by on 11/09/2007

Absolutely not a flea in sight. I used frontline before and it did get rid of fleas but it does not keep them off. Revolution appears to prevent fleas from even jumping on and with the combination of flea and heartworm prevention my dog is covered. I highly recommend this product. by on 11/08/2007
Works Well

Good because you only have to give one thing one time per month by on 11/06/2007
This stuff is great!

Love that only one item is used instead of three different ones. One application does it all! by on 11/01/2007
This stuff is great!

Love that only one item is used instead of three different ones. One application does it all! by on 11/01/2007
Great stuff

once a month and I don't have to worry about fleas ticks or heartworms by on 10/27/2007
Perfect! The product covers everything you worry about and the treatment is all rolled into one!

I like the fact that everything is covered as far as what a dog can contract, you don't have to buy three different products to keep your ped safe just ONE Revolution! It's silly not too! by on 10/26/2007
terrific flea killer.

I rate this product an A+. I have had the usual problem this year with fleas. After 2 days I noticed when I was combing the cats out and looking for fleas. I found alot of dead ones. the cats haven't been scratching and neither am I. by on 10/25/2007
Ridgeback/ Beagle mix abused, saved from kill center 2yrs old

Revolution has cleared everything up except the scars. Best product used. by on 10/18/2007
The best product available...

When compared to others like Heartgard and Frontline, there is no comparison. I've had issues with the other products, but never Revolution. In my opinion (and my vet's), it's one of the top products on the market. And i've been using it on my 95# American Bulldog for years. JD by on 10/17/2007
Revolution is the best!

I've used Revolution for years for my dogs and would like to use it for my cat! by on 10/11/2007
A #1

I have 5 rescued dogs & this is the only thing that works..why buy several products buy the one that does it all. Won't use anything else by on 10/01/2007
reliable product

I first used this when I got a free one from the vet years ago. I put it on a local stray cat who's ears were all bloody and barely there. The next day the ear mites and fleas were gone. Just like that. That made me a believer! So now I use it on my cats as I have one that goes outside. It works within one day to kill the fleas, and I love the fact it removes the ear mites as well. by on 09/27/2007
Covers most normal pet afflictions

For the cost this product offers the best protection against the problems caused by parasites found most in dogs by on 09/26/2007
Ferret owner

I actually use the smallest dosage for my ferrets and I recently took in a severely flea infested ferret. I put the revolution on her that night after a bath and by morning all the fleas were dead, not a single one on her (and she had thousands before)! I haven't seen any side effects on any of my fuzzies and I've been using it almost a year now. by on 09/15/2007
It works.

This is the best product on the Market. I know my Pets are protected from Insects. by on 09/14/2007
So far excellent

Was using Frontline for fleas but it quit working last spring. Revolution has worked wonderfully since. Now 6 mo. and just a negative heartworm test. by on 09/06/2007
good stuff

I have used it for 3 years and never seem a flea or tick! by on 08/30/2007

We've used revolution for 4 years and are happy with the results. by on 08/20/2007
It Works !!!

Never a bad reaction

I have been using Revolution on my four cats (ranging in age from 5 to 12 years) for over 5 years. They have never had a bad reaction to the medication and it always works like a charm. by on 08/06/2007

Fleas were dead within 24 hours, ear mites gone in 3 days! Won't use anything else again. by on 08/02/2007
best ever

have tried all others.this beats them all 100%that it takes care of all my cats needs,not just the fleas andticks by on 07/16/2007

2 products (heartworm and fleas) in one application. It works very well with no irrition on the dogs' skin. by on 07/12/2007
It Simply The Best

I have been using this product for years and have never had a problem. Not a flea, tick or anything. This product does all it says it does and I recommend it to everyone. by on 07/11/2007
The Best

Prevents heartworm, kills ear mites, kills fleas--it doesn't get any better than this. Never had an adverse effect. Unlike more popular products that don't work, this stuff works. by on 07/04/2007